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“Maybe he want to flex his muscles?” Jason added. “Whatever the case may be, we can’t predict his movements and only response when he actually shows up. If this guy is supposedly a super-duper god threat or whatever category he falls under, then we have to handle this in a mature, serious manner.”

“So, that’s the conclusion of our meeting then?” Minute-Man asked. “What other information do you want? We seemingly agreed to join forces and exchange information when needed.”

"Speaking of Shina Ania... my members was out there doing an mission." Silence remembered. "I probably need to head back to my place and see if they returned. Haven't heard from them for a while." He took note of Valerie's statement. "Cults huh? I hard rumors that they have a problem with the religious folks. Wouldn't be surprised if they held this alien as some sort of god."
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"If he does give Shia Ania special attention, I hope it will be in incinerating those cultists." Mary stated in a cold manner. "As much as a xeno-threat exterminating human life as he sees fit is revolting, better that he wastes his energy torching problems that already exists than innocents. On the other hand, if he allies with the cultists... I'm certain that problem could be handled with liberal application of toxic warfare."

She looked around the room, and then to the various recording devices.

"This accord is concluded then, if all present members agree. As Minute-Man stated, we all agree to share information and resources to ensure mutual survival. In addition, the Meeting will spear-head weapon development to use as a trump card against the Solarian. That's our end result of this accord."
"To the Ends of the Earth."
“Fine.” Minute-Man stood up and checked his messages on the device. “Great…another problem is currently unraveling.” He looks up with disappointment riddled on his face. “Make sure you pull your own weight and be in regular contact. I do not want to call multiple times on the progress of this super weapon. If he is indeed a god threat, you better put together soon so we have better preparation.” Without waiting for a reply, his body vanished instantly without a trace.

“Guess he had to run somewhere…” Jayden scratched his head. “Well, I’ll be in touch. Let me know if anything happens. I don’t understand how your operation works, ma’am, but if your guild have some confidence about this weapon, I won’t doubt you.” He was about to leave but stopped to face them again. “Uhh, you’re giving us a ride, or we have to hitch one ourselves?”

Silence stood up as well. “I need to hurry back to my guild. I think there are pressing manners I need to attend right at this moment. I’m sure your folks need your leadership as well since we gone for a while.” He told Valerie.

Ballows rubbed her chin. “An alien mage with an intent to destroy the world… if Master Shine was here, he could have easily defeat this thing, but without his guidance… we have to fill in his shoes with the ones we have right now.”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"I can't leave Bronson running the place by himself either." Valerie stood up in agreement. "Come to think of it, nobody else is there... hopefully he had the foresight not to leave it completely unattended. Or else I'll give him a piece of my mind. Preferably in the form of a beating." She wondered how her new recruits were doing on their first mission, feeling somewhat guilty for making them go unaccompanied by either herself or her co-founder but handwaved it away since she was sure the task was fairly easy for a rescue mission. At least, she hoped it wasn't a body recovery. "I'd like a speedy ride back myself."
"It'd be rude to show up and ask for all of you to come here and then not provide transportation back." Ann replied, getting out of her chair. She motioned to the guards around the room, who began to tear down the makeshift meeting place, turn off the recording devices, and pack everything back into the various vans they all had arrived in.

"Simply head to the van you came in and they'll drive out of here and bring you back to your guild headquarters. In particular, the Beyonder's Guild is so very far from Futuropolis." She remarked.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Silence nodded as he entered the vehicle. “Alright, get the vans moving.” 

Jayden noticed that Ballows was in deep thought. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just have an uneasy feeling just now, but it could be my concern over this alien magic.” Ballows responded. “I’m okay, let’s head off to our separate ways and start preparing for this super threat.” Both Ballows and Jayden entered the van.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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Valerie jumped in to the one she arrived in. As she sat down, she looked off into space and placed a hand over her heart. She felt a strange sensation, but couldn't tell what it meant-- anxiety? Worry? For what?

"Hm." Was all she uttered.

Broly and Whitney enter from the sky with her grandmother in tow, landing in the middle of Zero Gravity Square.

"Wow... this place is a lot bigger than it looks in pictures." Whitney hopped down and looked around in amazement. "A lot of colorful lights... kinda sensory overload. Where should we go first?"

"I doubt you two have the kind of money a tourist city like this demands." Said Agatha. "The hotels around here are mostly cheap for a reason unless you want a five-star experience. I have my money tucked away in safekeeping, over at the casino."

"The casino?" Whitney asked in puzzlement. "Aren't those places that take your money instead?"

"Yes, but I'm good friends with the owner Mr. Aznabel. He's an oldie like me." Agatha winked. "Kept an eye on my savings for me while they had me living in Los Demonios. Normally I wouldn't allow a wee one like you to come with me, but I don't think anyone is dumb enough to mess with us since we have Mr. Brawl here. Of course, I could handle them myself, but we needn't make a scene. Then you kids can go out and have all the fun you want while I have a nice rest at the hotel. I'm too old to keep up with you spunky youngin's anymore."

"Okay..." Whitney agreed. "But no getting into any trouble, because we don't want you to end up back at that terrible town again. I know you aren't like everyone else in there anymore, but we can't take any chances is all..."

"No promises I won't break a few ankles, but don't you worry about a thing, dear. Now, the casino is easy to get to if we go through the shortcuts. It's got a big flamingo and palm trees in bright neon lights, so you can't miss it. Says 'Mecha Flamingo' in big letters!"
Ann, Valerie, Silence, Jayden, Minute-Man (earlier), and the Meeting of the Dark all depart their separate ways from Futuropolis.
"To the Ends of the Earth."
Broly was immersed with the different colors and lighting the city showcase. It was nothing like he ever seen before, and far more advanced than the two three places he was in. He grabbed onto his head—a trigger of his memory started to resurface. “These flashing lights… an explosion… I feel my home was destroyed…” Broly tried to recall these events that played in his head. “There was someone with me, but I can’t tell who it was…” 

He shook his head. “Anyways, so we’re going to look around?” He didn’t catch the conversation since he was focusing on the city itself. He took a step but felt like he was moving without him doing much. “This is a strange place…”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"This place is extra fancy, so everything is 200 times more convenient apparently." Whitney said while tagging him along behind her as she followed Agatha. "We're apparently going to a big casino! That's where rich people like to gamble their money hoping they earn back more than what they bet in the first place... sounds kind of silly since those machines are totally rigged, but I hear lucky people always hit the jackpots!"

"It's quite the adrenaline rush. I got into gambling after I felt like I was too old for old-fashioned street brawling. When it's a natural gift, you can sucker a lot of people into losing their bets." Explained Agatha.

After a few more blocks of travel, they reached the casino entrance. Just like Agatha described, there were neon lights shaped to look like Flamingos frolicking among palm trees, with the name lined up in bright lights. Club music could be heard floating out the doors as people came and went by taxi or limo.

"I see Aznabel remodeled the place in the last few decades. It was definitely not a club scene," Agatha laughed. "Follow me, kids..."

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