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Broly was impressed about the sheer volume of this place looks in terms of presentation. "You people just throw money in there in hopes of getting even more...? That sounds like a scam." He thought.
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"It is if you don't know where to gamble it. Slot machines rely on pure luck, and your chances of scoring any more winnings from it reduce with each consecutive pull of the lever." Agatha said, weaving through the crowd of gamblers effortlessly while Whitney tried to handwave the cigarette smoke away from her nose as they followed behind. "The real skill comes in when you play up against other people in a game of cards or chips! It's easy to read them and tell who's readying a winning turn or who's cheating when you build up a trained eye for it. Once you know that, you either play the table to your advantage or wait to out the cheater so you can double the loot." She laughed merrily watching some of the players at one of the roundtables. Passing by, she tapped one's shoulder with her cane showing the other players he had cheated by keeping a winning card he never drew within the crook of his palm. As they walked past, a commotion between the players started and quickly settled once one of the suited men stationed around the floor stepped in. The earnings doubled as he not-so-subtly dragged the cheater away from the table. 

"Though, speaking of pursuing wealth..." Agatha stepped into the large elevator, taking Whitney and Broly in with her before asking the elevator usher for the top floor. He asked for her identification, with which she handed two cards to him. The usher wordlessly heeded Agatha's request and typed in a keycode to take the elevator up to the 7th floor.

"Perhaps things are different now, but when I was a young sprout, money was power. At some point, you get too old and tired of being a street brawler. Here in Empire State, most people don't have superhuman powers or the ability to cast magic like the Paradicans. Money drives innovation and technology; you could even say that money and these other kinds of powers are one and the same since one leads into the other eventually. With money, you become powerful enough to hire such supered people as your physical power you can exert over others. Otherwise, people will just walk all over you."

"Abilities let some people choose to become heroes that save the powerless from harm, while others will abuse their gifts to destroy. In essence, both money and abilities can be used for good or evil. You must harness either of them wisely. And sometimes even those lines of morality get blurred at some point. So, do keep such things in mind kids. You can end up on very different paths in your life for what you choose to do." Agatha ended her mild speech once the elevator doors opened again.

"Then there's no need to worry! Broly's probably the goodest wrestler around! At least, he dresses like the ones on TV... or was that martial arts?" Whitney trailed off.

Rather than another casino floor, this one was entirely different; the center set of doors were the largest and guarded by two large men wearing suits and sunglasses (for some reason) while the others seemed to be normal administrative offices that kept the casino running smoothly.

"State your business, ma'am." The men asked, although Broly being behind her did seem to intimidate them at least a little bit because of how giant he was.

"Agatha Belrose. Here to see Chaz Aznabel. We're good friends, so he won't say no to me." She replied casually. "Oh, and this is my granddaughter and my... bodyguard. Let's make this quick please."

One man went inside to announce their arrival while the other kept an eye on them. After a moment, they were allowed into the owner's office. Sitting in the armchair at the desk was Mr. Aznabel, a man about the same age as Agatha, if not a little older. 

"It's been a long while, Aggie." He said with a friendly smile.

"Only twenty years!"

"Wow, Granny's been in Los Demonios a long time..." Whitney whispered to Broly.
"Good and evil huh..." Broly took Agatha's words into consideration. "That means nothing... I crave carn-" Broly snapped out of it when Whitney whispered to him about Agatha's connections. "It seems that this granny knows a thing or two about power and hustling. She's not the type to let herself be walked over by others." 

He looks at Whitney. "And you're an exact opposite of that."
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"Oooh, phooie..." A cute voice rang out from behind one of the slots. "I can't seem to find him anywhere... Ooooh, this isn't good!"

A small girl appeared from behind the slots with a very worried look on her face. She slung her long purple braided hair behind her and held a wand protectively. It was obvious she was a magic user but her skills were yet known. Her eyes scanned all over the casino but it appears she cannot find what she was looking for. She continued to walk around until she whispered between slots and ducked under to check every crack she assumed her missing object would be.

"Pssst! Hatty! Hey Hatty! Ooooh, please come out, I can't find you..!"

The girl laid on all fours on the floor, peering under the slots and when she tried to push herself back up on her feet, she bumped her head on one of the machines. She yelped before rubbing the top of her head. When she was on her feet, she barely took a few steps away before she tripped and pulled down a security guard with her by accident. She groaned to herself and noticed the authority figure, immediately waving her hands frantically.

"O-Oh my! I-I'm very sorry! I-I'm just looking for someone! Oh dear!"
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Whitney's face turned red and she puffed out her cheeks with air in response. "What are you implying, that I can't hold my own!? Well!" She sighed and deflated visibly. "You're right... but I wouldn't have to be if I knew a few ways to teach people I'm not some little flower." Poking her fingers together nervously. "I can't even be sassy to rude customers at the diner cause they'll get me in trouble with my manager and I can't lose my job. If you show me some cool kung-fu moves, nobody would even think twice to mess with me." Whitney looked at Broly with big puppy-dog eyes. "I promise to cook ya all kinds of food! And teach you some proper manners at the dining table..."


"So what brings you here, Agatha? I thought you were cooped up in Los Demonios."

"I was. Until some kind of ruckus happened. If you ask me, it isn't something some rookie punk is capable of. But I wouldn't know, all that matters is I got out of there. I'm too old to play Cops and Robbers." She scoffed. "Now, do you still have my stash under lock and key? I'm withdrawing some funds."

"No problem. It's out in the vault, but I can easily wire you some to your dummy savings account." Mr. Aznabel picked up the phone to speak briefly with one of his accountants working the floor. "How much?"

"I'd say a good chunk of it."


The security guard dusted off his slacks and peered down at the girl through his shades. "No, pardon me. I should have watched where I was going." He said in a monotone. "Are you lost? Who are you looking for?"
"Oh! Uhm.. yes! Please help me find Hatty!" The small girl tapped the top of her head before holding her hands apart to indicate how big her hat was. "Hatty is about this big and loves to rest atop my head, at least that's what he says. He likes to float around and he's quite mean to anyone who tries to wear him. He also bites, so please be careful!"

The girl smiled brightly to the security, failing to realize that she described a talking and biting hat.

"If you see him, tell him I'm waiting here by the slot machine. I think he wants to win the jackpot but I warned him about spending all of our funds... Oh dear..."

The mysterious hat in question was seen sitting on a stool before a slot machine, pulling the long level with one of his ribbon-like arms. Despite not having a face, it appeared to be bored by it's slouched position. Every time he tested his luck, he would win nothing and rewarded with a 'You Lose' on the screen.

"Sheesh, talk about bad luck," Hatty spoke to himself. "it's gotta be rigged or something."
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Broly sweated a bit when Whitney gave him the puppy-eyes. He didn’t know how to exactly respond to that, so he struggle with forming the right words. “Well, teaching you some moves won’t be a total waste of time. As long you can make those delicious foods, and that creamy one with the strawberries. Cake, wasn’t it?”


Edge-Man walked into the casino at the lowest level, but he was confused of where he should go. He thought he saw Whitney entered her, but now with this many people, his sense of direction is lost. “This place is huge; it’s going to take me forever to find her.” He saw a security man speaking with a woman. “I’ll ask him…” He approached the two. “Excuse me….”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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"I promise I'll learn to make any cake in the recipe books! Provided I can get the ingredients, hehe..." Whitney chuckled, giddy about being able to learn some good self-defense moves. "I won't let you down, promise!"

Mr. Aznabel hung up the phone to turn back to Agatha. "Alright, your funds just got transferred over. Try not to spend them in one place."

"I don't worry about money because I'm not constantly dumping into it with investments like you. This city's the prime spot for investors..." Agatha said.

"Certainly. I take what the casino earns from all the investors who come here to cool off after their stuffy old meetings and invest it into meaningful endeavors... like Waystar's robotics program. They could use the funding."

"For what, making giant mech bots?" Agatha rolled her eyes. "Those were just things from a cartoon when we were kids, Chaz. You're just investing in urban legend."

"Hey, if Dinostone Park came to existence, anything's possible!" He eyed Whitney for a moment before shifting his gaze back at Agatha and sliding a golden-tinted card over to her. "You planning on living with your folks close? That's risky seeing as you broke out of there..."

"No, they don't need that kind of stress, especially not little Whitney. I'll figure things out soon enough, or at least in the time this money buys me to travel around for some options. I'll be getting out of your hair now." She gestured to Broly and Whitney that it was time to leave. "Alright, kids, where should we go first?"

"It would be bad if they came looking for us because we technically got you out of there ourselves, so maybe a change of wardrobe is a good idea." Whitney said, looking at Broly. "Especially you, big guy. We can't have you running around being mistaken for a Hero or something..."


The security guard scratched his head in puzzlement trying to picture what Hatty was supposed to look like. Maybe Hatty is the name of her pet bird? Those things like to zip around and land on people right? Wait, do birds technically talk? I'm terrible at looking for lost things... usually we never find lost items but this is a living thing running around a crowded floor full of people... Man, they don't pay me enough. He eyed her appearance and noted how strange it looked, meaning she wasn't from Empire State. Figuring it was one of those magical creatures, the man decided to humor her for now. "Alright, alright, I'll help look for this 'Hatty'... he couldn't have gone far if he's only that big."

When Edge-Man approached him, he turned to face him with his stern composition from before. "Do you need something?"
"Oh, thank you! I bet hatty is worried sick! Tell him Kiki is going to scold him." The girl stared over at Edge Man and tilted her head. She didn't say anything to him because he looked very angry.

Oh my, he sure doesn't look like the happiest fellow. He's a bit scary...

Kiki frowned before taking a small step back, leaving Edge Man to talk with the security while she waited patiently. She hummed quietly to herself, looking around if she could spot her hat.

Meanwhile, the missing hat would groan in annoyance when he spent his last dollar and won nothing. Hatty grumbled before waving his ribbon arm towards the slot dismissively. 

"Bah, if I can use magic to hit the jackpot, I would. Hmph, maybe I'm just not that lucky today." Hatty sighed. "Guess it's time to head out of here and find a real jackpot of our own: food."

Hatty rose into the air and casually floated around the casino, ignoring the fact that he was literally a floating hat. He looked around, trying to find Kiki but pinched what would've been the bridge of his nose. He wondered where his partner ran off to and hovered slightly above the crowd to see if he could find his purple-haired goofball.
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"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
“Hero?” Broly raised a brow. In that moment, he busted out in laughter, grabbing his torso when Whitney referred to him as such. “I don’t know what came over me, but that word made me bust a gut.” 


“Yes, I’m looking for a specific girl.” Edge-Man said, pulling out his license to indicated that he’s a hero before pulling out a drawing of Whitney. It wasn’t a horrible drawing, in fact, it was quite impressive. He managed to capture the realism look that she had. “I’m looking for her. She’s currently being investigated for a crime.”
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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