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"I-I had no idea he could be this strong-- he's never been this violent around me before!" Whitney sweated profusely watching the chaos unfold before her, becoming more and more distraught at the thought of innocent people being hurt. She remembered the destruction that happened in Port Graham, and how powerless she felt since nobody could stop the person that did it. But just maybe she could do something this one time.

She knew Edge-Man wasn't going to last any longer up against Broly at this rate. Even though he was intimidating and even scary, he still saved Kiki and was trying to contain the damage-- Broly dwarfed him in all aspects. Compared to both of them, she was a weak human who had no strength whatsoever, but she couldn't bear to continue watching Broly wreak havoc on anybody so it was a risk she had to take.

"It's all on me, so hold on to your hat, Hatty!" Whitney bit her lip in steeling her nerves, straightening the brim of Hatty before she charged at full speed. "BROLY, THAT'S ENOUGH!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she ran against the wishes of her burning muscles, leaping up into the air and hugging onto his upper back like a koala. Whitney tightly hooked one arm around his neck as she repeatedly hit the back of his head with her other arm regardless of her meager strength. "You can't hurt any of these people! Not even Edge-Man, even if I told you to! This is all wrong!" She yelled angrily. "You leave everybody alone NOW!"
Oh no, this situation is getting out of hand. Kiki thought Let's just hope that Whitney can knock a bit of sense into him.

Kiki looked around the area and tried to think up a crafty way to help. She looked over at Broly and noticed Whitney clinging on to him. She wiggled her wand around slightly and launched a bright yellow ribbon at Broly's leg but cut it off, allowing it to curl around his leg like tape. If he attempted to make any drastic moves or hurt Whitney, the tape would shock him, leaving Whitney safe. It was also hard to get off since it was sticky.

"Super Ribbon, Mega Shock." Kiki whispered as to not alert Broly. "That should hold him back a little bit."

Kiki then turned her attention to Edge-Man and his situation. She rushed over to him and waved her wand around cutely before whipping out a lime green colored ribbon. She whipped at the debris Edge-Man was holding and each time she hit it, the rubble seemed to get stuck together, preventing it from falling apart.

"Magic Ribbon, Slimy ribbon!"

The rubble began to stick together, holding itself up as most of the people finally headed out and away from the danger. She peeked at Edge-Man and gasped at his situation. Even though she thought he was mean and grumpy, she had to help him either way. The rubble would still crush Edge-Man even if she coated it with her magic, so she had to pull Edge-Man out somehow. Kiki looked around desperately until she noticed a magazine with a fishing rod cover. 

"Aha! That's it!"

Kiki turned to Edge-Man and swirled her wand around before launching a white and red ribbon around his waist. Edge-Man felt his wounds heal and his entire body relax. He was being healed by Kiki's healing ribbon. Kiki yanked her wand back and began to 'reel' Edge-Man in, using her wand similar to a fishing rod. She had to be quick because the rubble was starting to fall apart as soon as Edge-Man stopped holding it up. She pulled Edge-Man out of the rubbled mess, dropping down on her tushie as the debris collapsed moments after Kiki freed Edge-Man.

"I hooked a big one!" Kiki giggled before turning to Edge-Man. She pointed at the ribbon around his waist. "That's my healing ribbon, it will heal you as long as it's attached. Don't go and do anything rash now! Whitney is up there trying to reason with Broly so he doesn't blow everything up! Be thankful!"
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Near the edge of the building a silver blur flew up towards where Broly was floating. The individual floated some ways away from Broly using his rocket boots. The silver armored individual pointed out his hand at the saiyan.

“Hello, Mr. Legendary Super Saiyan I suppose?” Silver Gunner asked. “Let’s put the girl down and come with me and Edge-Man. Committed plenty of crimes today but let’s not destroy the city, eh?”

Silver Gunner continued to have his hand out as light started emerging from the pam of his hand.

“I won’t ask again..”
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Broly’s sinister smile was presence on his face as he turned around to Whitney when she jumped on his back. However, he stop charging his attack upon Whitney’s command for him to stop. His angered eyes began to lower, his body became less tense. He was able to drop his attack.

Edge-Man, seeing that the people ran off after Kiki successfully stopped the rubble from collapsing on them. “Tsk, I didn’t need your help.” He got up, dusting himself from any dirt to see Broly remained in stationary after Whitney command him. “Why isn’t he listening to my orders?”

He turned to Silver Gunner. “Another Hero?! What are you doing here?”

Broly stop charging his attack, but suddenly another power source appeared next to him, alerting him to turned quickly to see who approached him. This caused Whitney to be flung around as she still latched on. In turn, activating Kiki’s spell that send surges of shock throughout his body.

He roared as the shock sent great pain, but his power jumped dramatically. His black hair turned gold, his eyes went to a blue, greenish color, and his muscles began more pronounced. He arched his back forward and bolted towards all three of them in rapid speeds. Yet, a bit slower since the electric shock is still raging on.

“Damnit!” Edge-Man went forward in front of Kiki, now that another hero had shown up. Stabbing himself, he use the blood and threw it at the direction of Broly. The blood became hardened blades, slamming onto the raging beast, causing him to be flung back a bit.
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"Another hero!" Whitney waved a free arm at Silver Gunner to get his attention. "D-don't shoot! F-fighting gets him really riled up, and I don't want any more people to get thrown--" She was cut off once Broly took off towards them, crying out for help like she was riding a rollercoaster. "Too fast! I'm gonna be sick!"
"Another hero..?" Kiki stared in the direction of where Whitney was waving and noticed the Silver Gunner. "H-Hey! Don't hurt Broly, he's got an innocent girl on him! She's trying to smack some sense to him!"

Kiki noticed that Broly was running right towards them and her eyes turned into pure fear. His anger and rage made her feel as if death was going to crash on to her. With Edge-Man throwing attacks at Broly, she thought of a way to possibly slow Broly down. She stood next to Edge-Man and pointed her wand at Broly's face before waving it confidently. 

"Slimy Ribbon!"

Kiki shot a small harmless ribbon to rush directly towards Broly and splatter across his face. Not only was it slimy but it started to get sticky the more Broly decided to get rid of it. If he touched it with his hands, they would get covered in a slippery slime. She did it in hopes that Broly would slow down and keep Whitney safe. Hatty, in the meanwhile, held on to Whitney as Brly flung them around like ragdolls. 

"Waaah! This guy is getting more mad! Hang on Whitney, I got something up my hat!"

Hatty held on tightly to Whitney as one of his ribbon arms dug inside the hat and yanked out a transparent ball with snow drawn onto it. 

"This is going to cool that hot head of his! When I smash this snowball on Broly, I need you to let go or else you'll freeze too! I'll parachute you down to safety, Whitney! Get ready!"

Hatty lifted his ribbon arm into the air and slammed the crystal ball on top of Broly's head. Slowly, ice would begin to cover Broly's body starting with his head and moving down. Hatty hoped it would be strong enough to stop Broly but he had his doubts. The ice would continue to crawl down Broly, slowing him down and he began to yank at Whitney slightly. He made sure to wrap his ribbon arms around her arms, similar to a parachute so she would not be hurt.

"Time to let go, Whitney! You'll be frozen if you stick on!"
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"Here to do my job which is to not let steroid-fueled aliens blow apart the city." Silver Gunner remarked sarcastically. He listened to the others telling him to stop. "Can't promise you that I won't hurt him but I can try."

"Larry, give me a quick analysis."

A male voice inside of the helmet responded back.

"Scanning right away..." a red light started blinking on the HUD. "His energy levels are increasing as he angers. You can't beat him hand to hand!"

"Let's try to cool him down then."

Silver Gunner's rocket boots let ignited as he flew up in the air going towards Broly.

"You got the got the girl, Bow Tie, I'll make sure he stays in place!"

Silver Gunner floated near the saiyan and landed in front of him. He held out his left arm and a blue energy shield formed protecting the whole front side of himself. He braced for the Saiyan incoming.

"If the ice doesn't slow him down let's hope he falls."
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Broly landed on the ground after being pushed back from Edge-Man’s attack. “Trash! All of you!” He was struck in the face with slime, causing him to try and wipe it off, but it only made things worse. His hand was unable to pull away from the slime that latched on. He was stomping around, pulling hard as he could. He slammed against Silver Gunner’s barrier to free his arms. Broly felt a sudden chill spreading throughout his back, slowly down his movements to an absolute halt. 

Edge-Man was breathing heavily after seeing that it slowed him down. “Alright… I’m taking him back.”

Suddenly, a single crack flick off from the ice. One crack, two, then three. Across the ice, multiple cracks appeared. Green energy began to go between the cracks, spilling out. A echo of roars can be heard within the ice.

“He’s still got some power left!?” Edge-Man said.
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