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Vox says knowing only the elementals will hear thanks to the wind "Grant Z your power till the battle is over." Vox thinks "think of this as a parting gift Z and its not like I cant summon more if needed." Despite the wind Vox's face remained hidden. The elementals start adding in any way they can Z.

Vox says bluntly to Liza "Immortality."
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The explosion caught Z completely off guard and severely damaged her. The black areas of her body were blown off while the rest of her body 'glitched out' as it did before. The pain was a heavy burden on Z's body and it only forced the corrupt energy to completely engulf the small creature. It was obvious that Z struggled to keep the energy from consuming her but the pain seemed too much. A powerful surge of malicious exploded from where Z was, almost as if the Boss had 'released something' she was holding back.

Y...ou.. cann...ot s...eal... me... for...e..ver...

Nicori held on to the Red Dragon tightly and faced the direction of where the battle was happening. His feelers began to twitch and he knew his mother was in pain. The corrupted energy parted some of the clouds in the sky, crushed many buildings, and gave the group a sense of fear and despair. For a moment, they would feel their bodies go cold, numb, and short of breath before returning to normal. Nicori gasped and immediately called out to Z.

"Mama! Don't give up!!!"

"W-What was that horrible feeling?!" Lyrik panicked. "I-It felt like I was dying! D-Did anyone else feel that? W-Was that your mom, kid?!"

Z was glitching in pain until she overheard Nicori's voice. Whatever was trying to escape Z was held back by her immense power. The Boss would see a black blob twitching and spaz until Z's pencil jabbed right through the evil energy and stab the Boss right in the stomach. As the black energy dissolved, none of it was left clinging to Z's body. Z had returned to normal, free of whatever was trying to consume her. Her powers were weakening, however, and she needed to end the battle soon. There was no doubt that Z needed to end the battle soon. However, thanks to the wind elements and Vox's aid during the battle, Z felt healed. She smirked to Boss as the winds that surrounded her blew away the last of her corrupted energy. 

"You will end here~!"

Z pulled her pencil out of Boss's gut and attempted to stab it on his head. She controlled the wind elements to the tip of her pencil, using it to add even more power to her attack.
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"Z says these eye protectors are called... Sunglasses. I like the fad, so I'll spare this website from destruction."
Asuza struggled to keep a steady grip on the dragon's back, resorting to hugging it as she was hit by the wave of negative energy. "This is getting really bad! How is it that two people can have this much power anyway!?" She couldn't even see the direction they were going, for the intensity of the winds in her face forced her eyes shut. "And I thought I've experiencd enough from being inside a wind tunnel! How much further until we find a safe spot to land? I can't see a thing!"

(I'll leave it up to Shine for when he wants Broly and Whitney to show up)
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The Boss coughed off salvia when Z jabbed her weapon through his stomach. Before his reaction to cover his abdomen to keep the blood from flowing out, he was stabbed once again through the head. His arms dropped to his sides. His eyes slowly close as his body went limp from the destructive impact—this is the marks of a defeat, even the great psychic powers were no match for the untapped potential against Z’s ability in magic.

Then suddenly, when her guard is at its most vulnerable, the Boss’ body, by instinct, grabbed her by the head. His arm length was long enough to reach her; an electric, pink sparks appeared around his cold, dead fingertips and let out an explosive attack to immobile her. It was drawing her energy out of her body and place it on his own body. His eyes opened instantly and looks up towards the sky as he laughed. 
His wrinkle skin went to smooth out, his crusty, rigged finger starting to de-age. His tired eyes, his crooked teeth, the grayish hair, his body was regressing backwards in age.

A singular, powerful beam shot through towards the ceiling, near the group.


The Red Dragon narrowed her eyes, instantly flying away from it despite not being able to sense the energy emitting from it. 

“Looks like immortality isn’t the only thing on his bucket list.” Bob gripped onto the Red Dragon after she bolted away without warning.

“Immortality… why would someone desire that!?” Liza shouted. The beam was shining brightly for her to see properly.

“Whoever fighting are some inhuman monsters. Their bloodlust reminds me of a certain fellow…” She searches around to find something to land as she flew away from the area. There was no point of trying to stay there and get caught whatever mess she might get dragged in.
She spotted a giant man flying through the skies despite the heavy winds with a young woman riding on top of his back She had a confused look as the two passed one another. It seems that he wasn’t going towards the battlefield, but seemingly another direction entirely.

“Who was that?!” Iceik thought he saw something flying passed them.

“No idea, but I don’t care.” Red Dragon pressed on to find a suitable place to land.
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Vox says seemly unaffected by the beam "I don't know the boss' motivations for seeking a form of immortality Liza."

Vox says "I agree with the red dragon we do need to dived up loot and other post adventurer things."
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Asuza held on tightly to the dragon's back, remembering how easily the Boss obliterated One-Eye by turning him into stone. And how easily he could create impenetrable barriers. Going up against him was absolutely demoralizing.

"When you desire something no ordinary human can achieve in a lifetime, you'd do anything to make yourself live forever," Asuza remarked grimly. "Just what even is that guy... there's no way any of that was magic. It didn't look like it anyway."


The young woman, Whitney, sailed through the sky hanging onto Broly as her white hair whipped around wildly from the wind. "This is kinda fun! Even though it's really bright and I can barely hear a thing.." she shielded her eyes from the brightness best she could while trying to search for a certain area. "I think I see it!" Whitney pointed towards a street full of houses that varied greatly, some looking ramshackle more than others. 

The state of the homes lined up among tenant buildings also was in disarray, some having taken a lot of damage from the scattering debris. There was one rustic-looking house that was also in fairly bad shape but its appearance was quite distinct; a two-floor with a black exterior and white accents. Compared to the other run-down buildings it looked out of place for how maintained it seemed. The roof was caved in due to a large tree having fallen in it, but the rest of the house and the flower beds were mostly untouched by all the chaos. "That's her house, I think!" Whitney shouted.
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