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"What a weird little machine~" Z tapped her chin as she watched Anti-End and Citrus man battle. "At least it is distracting that psychic man~ It's hitting about as hard as I would, how odd~"

Z shrugged as she watched the machine fight Citrus Man. She didn't seem to worry much, taking her sweet time as she started to draw up a portal back to the Sisterhood. 

"Shouldn't we try to help out that robot?" Lyrik yelled out, trying to use his music to heal the others from any injuries they had. "If we all jump in, that Boss guy won't stand a chance."

"Yeah! Let's go get him and whoop his butt!" Nicori cheered on, rushing on towards the fight. He didn't get far until Z yanked him back by his shirt. "Hey!"

"You are in no position to fight, you're grounded~," Z scolded. "One more slip from you and I won't take you to the Hero City City field trip~"

"No fair! I've been waiting for that day all year!"

"Uhh, guys, I don't think now is a great time to discuss family matters!" Lyrik said backing up from the intense battle. "These two are really going to destroy us if we don't get out of here soon!"

Z nodded to herself as she finished drawing out the portal she was working on. She tossed Nicori into the air and cracked her mitten hands before jabbing her pencil directly at the drawing, expanding it and bringing it to life. It began to suck in all the items littered about and any of the nearby people watching the fight. Z watched Nicori fall inside the portal and struggled to keep herself off the ground. It was clear she was nearly out of energy.

"I recommend you all jump inside the portal before it disappears~ You will land directly in the Sisterhood, far from this battle~"
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
What an intuitive machine... Let's hope it finishes him off for us, we've no other counters that can work against a guy like that. Asuza thought, hesitantly looking back at the fight and the rest of the city before gritting her teeth and jumping into the portal with the other items following suit. "Going back to Paradice... home sweet home..." she mumbled. "Let's go before that machine decides to not let us leave either!" Asuza called out to the others as she went through.


"It's a big city full of skyscrapers and bright lights, you can't miss it!" Whitney said. "I think it's east of Port Graham, so we need to head way up north of the continent. It's not far from Dinostone Park since both of them are pretty much tourist places," she explained. "But try not to fly so fast since you're probably gonna have to carry me and Granny at the same time."

"I ain't so frail, sprout..." Agatha scolded. She knocked on Whitney's ankle with her cane, making her wince and rub at it with a pout. "Don't think your granny is that weak!"

"Yowch! Geez Grandma, you can't just do that! You could break someone's shin with that thing. What's it even made of? It feels like lead..."

"It's a secret!" Agatha laughed.
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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“A portal… this is our chance to escape.” Liza turns to Z, seeing that she is completely out of energy now. She took the chance of picking her up, although she feels weird picking up the literal strongest mage in the planet. She followed behind Asuza.

“Thank goodness our stuff is safe! Time to leave, Vox!” Bob jumped in without hesitation in the slightest.”

“What about the machine? We can’t leave that thing here!” Iceik was worry because the machine is clearly capable of adapting people’s move set. Especially since it was dead-on set on destroying anything in its path that considered evil. If the machine loses and Citrus-Man takes it… it would be bad for them.

Anti-End and Citrus-Man collided once more, but it as time passes, it appears the latter is having the upper hand. Psychic powers proved to be something Anti-End is unable to handle—the unpredictable nature of such ability, especially a rare one at that, prove to be hard to counter.

“I guess even a machine cannot surpass the might of the complexity of one’s mind.” Citrus-Man said as he swings his arm around, ripping through the rock armor Anti-End had build around itself. The orb fell towards the ground, unable to move do to the psychic energy holding it down. Citrus Man took a breather, seeing that the others are escaping through the portal. “Escaping…? Not on my watch…” 


Broly nodded. “Simple enough. Just hold onto me tightly, old hag.” He grabbed both, placing them on his broad shoulders. “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”  He launched himself to the air upwards, before flying away (but at a pace comfortable for the both). 

A man wearing a black cloak appeared after Whitney, Agatha and Broly left the area. He gripped his fist hard, crushing the device he held in his hand and making grunting sounds.
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"Is that all you got?"

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Vox sends as he enters to the orb "Anti-magic dos not stop things lunched by magic." Vox thinks "Goody that since kicked off. That means our little group has another fight."
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"C'mon! This portal is closing!" 

Lyrik yelled to Iceik before grabbing him by the fur on the back of his neck, yanking him towards the portal. He did the same for Vox and grabbed him by his robes. He held out a small pocket radio and pointed it towards Citrus Man. He knew that the power he had would not be enough to hurt him but he had another trick up his sleeve. Lyrik tossed Iceik and Vox into the portal and threw the tiny radio towards Citrus man. It didn't do anything for a second until it began to spit out a loud screeching noise. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard or a fork brushing against a glass plate.

I may not be strong enough to fight him, but I noticed that if he loses his concentration, he can't attack. We can't let him follow us!

Lyrik rushed to the closing portal and jumped in, just barely making it as it closed behind him.

Z, Liza, Nicori, Asuza, Iceik, Lyrik, Bob, and Vox, as well as the Red Dragon Statue and Bob's items, have been teleported to The Sisterhood of White Magic.
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.

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