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Eren Yeager (Titan) vs. King Kong [2005]
Eren Yeager's height is scaled down to match King Kong's height. Battle takes place in the jungle and they're about 10 meters away from each other. Who wins?
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I'm thinking king kong. Against mindless titans that really solely on instinct eren would win. However besides his rampages in the show he has a pretty big losing streak. The amount of times he got his ass kicked until he went full berserk and had mikasa's help in beating Annie is 2 to 1.


You have an ape powerful enough to officially defeat godzilla.

My money's on Kong.
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Kong. Kong pummeled and killed not one, but three Vastatosaurus rex, which are heavily armored carnivorous Theropods. Their armoring is enough to make the Armored Titan's armoring look poultry in comparison, and Kong took down three of them. Plus there's the fact Kong himself is also pretty durable by all means, and he's lightning fast when compared to the Titans of around the same size.
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What they said. While Kong had to be buffed twice in order to defeat Godzilla, he still took down a monster that matched Marvel's Thor in strength in a contest of raw power, which is the only thing Eren has going for him.

Kong takes this easily.
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