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Z-Fighter's Drawings
Thanks for the comments. :D

Xenoverse 2's customization allows you to pick different skin colors for all characters you wish to make out of the available races. And there is even a Majin NPC named Taino whom has yellow skin. :D
I think all the Majins are adorable ZF. I had no idea they can be different colors, maybe we should have a blue one. B| xDD My heart will always belong to Bara since I think she's the cutest. My favorite drawing here is Brachi v. Vocat. Despite how strong Brachi is, even she had trouble with her Universe's Angel. Lastly, that fanmade battle looks awesome, so many colors make it super pretty. I'm just a sucker for colors. xDD
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
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Thanks for the comments, Z. :D

Speaking of blue Majins:

I love it! Blue is one of my favorite colors and I really think the girl Majins are super cute so I really like this one! I think I like the girl majins because of the hair, it's weird but in a good/cute way. xDD 

Keep it up ZF!
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Yeah, it's pretty interesting how there's different colored Majins in Xenoverse (and possibly dark colors like purple, if we take Finn into consideration). Keep up the good work! Mashati looks adorable, and yet, looks professional looking with that suit on.
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Thanks for the comment. Will try to make some more stuff very soon. :D
(10-16-2019, 01:05 PM)Z-Fighter Wrote: Well, here are some highlights from a most recent bunch:

And finally:

I quite like this bundle of pictures! It's hard to choose a top favorite, but I really like all the ones of Brachi in them. I really like the effect of the aura you drew around their figures, it plays well into the pixel art aesthetic without strictly adhering to the rules of non-isometric pixel art. It also helps to have such vibrant color usage as well since they bring out the contrast made by more muted shades. The fighting poses also add to the liveliness! Do you specifically reference for poses from an outside source or do they come naturally to you in your imagination?
I do use references for the fighting poses and all as much as I can, mostly to make them look the way I want them to be, or to at least try to get the proportions correct, but at other times, they do come into my imagination. :D
Ah, that makes sense lol. I'm getting back into the groove of using references, even for fairly simple poses since I don't like trying to cut corners and have it come out anatomically wonky. Sometimes our imagination looks cooler than how it looks in real life though, that's the beauty of artistic liberties  Katkek

I literally just referenced a figure of Piccolo crossing his arms today because I'm so rusty lol... well, I used a few more than just a figure, but Piccolo motivated me the most to finish drawing Majin Mashati bc she is a DB fan character
And it looks very amazing. :D I have saved the drawing you made of my OC Majin Mashati. :D

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