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Z-Fighter's Drawings
Sketched this during the Draw With Me thing
Iirc you draw this in one go right? No sketches or anything, but straight to lineart? Thats pretty cool! Are you gonna color the sketch someday?
[Image: A525k87.png]
I'm definitely going to color this very soon. :D
Yeah, it's very interesting that you go straight into line-art rather than sketches. Do you find that method more easier with line-art, rather than building a skeleton to start with?
[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

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Pretty much. That and I am honestly more used to making sketches on paper, then scanning it in and working it out from there. Which is why I want to try to make it look good.
Here is one of my latest works:

Malidon, the fusion between my Demon OC Abaddon and his sister Malia through Potara Fusion. Their father Deramas is looking perplexed at seeing his son and daughter fused into one being, while Brachi makes a cameo, also surprised. xD
That looks really good. Like Brachi and Deramas facial expressions too!  Agreed
Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.  Happy
You're very welcome.  Smile

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