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DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 5: Asylum)
Jaz listened as Junior continued to talk and the more he did, the angrier she got. She balled her hands into fists and, for the first time, she launched a fist directly at Junior's cheek, striking him as hard as she could. She trembled in both anger and sadness. 

"You're the one who doesn't get it, Junior!" Jaz held back her tears. "Suuuuure, let's go live on some peaceful planet, away from this mess! You think your dad is gonna fix everything just because he did it before?! What if your dad can't win against Arcann or Vaylin?! Then what?! When Vaylin sniffs you out, we'll just run away to another planet and another and another! Eventually, we'll have nowhere to run, and you'll be Vaylin's toy while Arcann kills me and everyone off! You'll be all alone again, but this time, Vaylin won't let you die, not when you're her special little toy!"

The girl held herself back from striking Junior again. Her voice got louder than before, her spike in anger made her float so she can reach eye-level with Juinor.

"Those 'pricks' are trying their hardest to protect everyone, even you! They would risk their lives to protect everything! I almost died protecting your ass and everyone else from Vaylin today! If you're not gonna stand up to your problems then give yourself up to Vaylin, I bet she enjoys a man who won't do anything to stop her from killing everyone!"

Jaz lowered herself back to the floor and just walked off, leaving Junior alone in the room to his thoughts. She opened the door and stood outside before turning back to yell at Junior once again.

"You're nothing but a coward, Junior!"

"Jeeeez, I need a break, don't you think?" Kire yawned, rubbing his eye after working diligently on KABS. 

"I suppose a small rest would not halt progress." Helga agreed. "Also, Mioi's weapon is finished. I associated the colors to match her persona. I certainly hope she likes it."

"Alright, hand it over."

Helga's arms went back up the ceiling and came back down moments later with a shiny purple glossed Sniper Rifle. It was lightweight enough for Kire to grab with one arm. The scope was slightly bigger so that Mioi would have no problem seeing through it. On the side of the weapon was Kire's signature 'K' and Mioi's name in cursive on the other side. A page of random cute stickers came down with the gun and Kire rose a brow.

"...It is in case Mioi would like to decorate it," Helga added in. "I assume she would like to add her own touch to it."

Kire rolled his eyes and shrugged. He placed the sniper over his shoulder and stepped out of his lab to find Mioi. When he did, he saw Jaz screaming into the room next door and walking off in a fit of anger. He moved out of Jaz's way, watching her disappear down the hallway, blinking at the sudden outburst. The door to the room was still opened, and he poked his head inside to see Junior. 

Oh man, not again... 

He closed the door behind him and placed the rifle near the corner of the room. Kire crossed his arms and stood near the door, leaning against the wall.

"Sounds like something happened in here."
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Xenest and Brachi both heard the commotion, but decided not to get involved into matters that was not of their concern. Xenest on the other hand was pondering, whether he should have his allies know of their status or to remain keeping a low profile...
"I see. So the ki that the Saiyans speak of and the Force are one and the same?" Mioi pondered. "I know that the Jedi abide by a code of discipline and self-control. And selflessness. I know little of the Sith... or perhaps my memory was tampered with from the carbonite. What makes the Sith different from the Jedi that allows them to achieve such a level? Is it how they see the Force?" Mioi turned her head toward the door for a brief moment as she heard more discordant shouting and loud noises that indicated something had escalated. She felt it best not to intervene with the disturbance at the moment, lest she become distracted any further with business that did not concern her directly.
Vegetto Jr.'s head whipped to the side, completely offguard and unprepared for the punch. He staggered a bit, reaching up and rubbing his cheek while he stared back at Jaz, stunned into complete silence during her outburst. Helpless in being unable to respond, Vegetto Jr. soon lowered his head down and sat down on the couch with a heavy slump after she left the room. 

He buried his head into his hands shortly after, letting out a loud, frustrated groan and digging his fingers deeper into his skull. The rage was only momentary, the exhaustion and defeat soon returning to his expression as he let his arms fall down into his lap.

She's just like everyone else after all. All that work...and she didn't even hesitate.

 Vegetto Jr.'s head dipped down.

She cares more about others than she ever will about me.

His head remained down, barely moving at the sound of Kire's voice. His solemn stare was locked firmly on the floor, his voice weak.

"Just leave me alone."
"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegetto sounds alright." 
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Kira opened her eyes and focused on Mioi, keeping the lightsaber floating in mid-air. She glanced in the direction of the noises as well, but chose to ignore them for the time being. She had a padawan to induce into the ways of the Force.

"The Force, Ki, one's a religion and studying of how it connects to the entire universe and all the philosophy associated." She stated. "The other as best as I can gather from Solaris is merely using the same energy that the Force manifests itself in as a way to become stronger. Same energy but different manifestations. As for what makes the Sith stronger, age. Whis, before he disappeared, stated that the Emperors, specifically Valkorian, were born thousands of years ago. Vegetto and Gogeta are on a level close to his, yet no other Sith Lords ever were. Only explanation has to be that." She said before frowning. "Though... Solaris, after the Aslyum fight. I can't sense his energy anymore. And he's been with us for as long as a newborn baby. I guess their strength might be something else."
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Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
Kire pondered the thought of leaving Junior or staying to hear him explain what happened. He found himself waking over to the boy and sitting next to him on the sofa, not saying a word until he correctly gathered his thoughts. He gazed out the window, took out a cigarette, and lit his smoke. After a minute of silence, he finally spoke out.

"She doesn't hate you, Junior, if that's what you're thinking," Kire crossed one leg over the other and leaned his body back against the sofa. "but she ain't the brightest bulb in the factory either. If anything, she's the bulb that short-circuits the entire lighting system of the factory..." 

Kire pulled in the fumes of his cigarette and blew opposite to where Junior sat, hoping the smell didn't bother him.

"So, mind telling me what happened in here or do I need to figure it out myself? The last thing you want is for me to make assumptions between you and my girl. Best thing to do is get it out of your system, Junior."

Jaz wondered the hallways of the Gravestone, grumbling to herself and kicking any junk that happened to be in her way. She entered an empty room, not even bothering to close the door behind her by how frustrated she had become. The girl paced back and forth.

"Stupid Gogeta, stupid Junior! I am not gonna sit here while other people get hurt protecting me! No way! I'll train harder than either of them, take down Arcann all by myself, and end this stupid war! That way no one will have to worry about me ever again! I don't need Junior's help to fly, I bet I can do it all by myself! I flew once, how hard can it be?" 

Jaz took a deep breath and tried to remember the little hints Junior told her about flying. She jumped, hopped, skipped, and wall jumped to try to find a way to stay in the air. The longer she tried, the more she failed. Nearly an hour passed by and Jaz was still stuck on the ground, despite her creative efforts. Enraged and frustrated at her lack of progress, Jaz kicked a box, the gizmos inside falling out and scattering across the floor. She stared at the bits and stopped her rant, finally thinking with her head. She started to realize the gap between her and the others.

"What can I do compared to amazing people like Junior and his dad? Everyone on this ship is already better than me in some way..." Jaz's shoulders slumped and frowned, sitting down in the center of the room with her knees to her chest. "Maybe Gogeta was right... I really am a simple-minded bitch. I'm just a weakling who holds everyone back. What good can I do..? I'll never be as strong as Junior or Veggie..."
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!

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