Poll: Do you think you only remember game controls or do you forget and re-learn them?
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Do we train ourselves to be trained
As many of us on this forum are, I, am a gamer, thus, I play a great many video games in my life, and I waste far more time playing them than 'normal' people (if they still exist in this era). The hard part about playing a lot of games is that every one of them uses their own control system and has a different set of game mechanics (the rules that define how the game and game-world work), thus, one whom changes games often must be flexible and be able to adapt quickly to maximize the time spent playing each game in a 'productive' or efficient manner to make as much progress as possible, otherwise you spend a large amount of the time playing a game just trying to remember or re-learn controls, and nobody wants to waste time that they could be having fun.

        Due to this realization, I believe it is worth saying, that we have a strong ability as the classifiable 'gamer' cultural group to efficiently adapt to new conditions and quickly get underway with doing the task at hand without having an extensive 'wind-up' period. However this may also only apply to things in which we have played similar games to suggesting that we are only able to constrew mechanisms between games and our ability to function with them isn't re-learned but instead assumed based on other remembered versions.

If we can only achieve this after having gone through learning the game once then it would suggest that we can only recall back how to play, not re-learn it quickly.

So lets take a vote.
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Hmm, the only time I need to relearn how to play a game as if I had not touched the game for years, but even then, just a quick rundown on the directions will make me suddenly remember the controls. So I'm leaning on just remembering the game controls once you familiarize yourself with a game you haven't touch for a long time, rather than relearning it.
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