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Favorite Vocaloid?
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Vocaloid music is an artificial genre of music, where songs are sung by vocaloid character (a program, voicebank), not by real singers.
Some songs are really good, even better than 95% of current "popular" music that is played on radio/tv. So, if you have never heard of it, it's good time to go on youtube Smile

Anyway, this topic is about:
  • Which Vocaloid singer do you like? Why?
  • Which songs do you enjoy listening?
  • Your favorite fan art?
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I have more than one favorite Vocaloid so~

Miku: I like the songs written with her voicebank more than I do her, but I really enjoy the Hagane voicebanks for her and Gumi/Rin. Hagane/M-side Vocaloid is great. B|
Fave songs: Love love Nightmare, Kagome Kagome, Full Course for Candy Addicts, Hysteria, God Slaying Machine, Diarrhea (LMAO), Mikusabbath, Deep Seabed Rapture, Hateful Wonderland

Kagamine Rin: Her voice is kiddy but still cute and has many relatable songs that she's sung. I really like her duets and she seems to do well with plenty of Vocaloids for duets.
Songs for Rin that I like: Abstract Nonsense, Fear Garden, Parapa-para Chara-Charary [Duet with GUMI], Meltdown, Butterfly on your Shoulder, Demon Girlfriend, Tsukema Tsukeru, Death Misfortune and the Amanojaku

Megpoid GUMI: Sweet Float Flats, Tsukema Tsukeru, [Duets with Miku] I am the Celebration of 2 People, God's an Energy Cheapskate, CANDY CANDY, My Crush was a Monster Boy

I currently don't have a favorite fanart at the moment besides Fear Garden!Rin
and this one. It's the cutest Rin pic I've seen. dunno why lol
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There's only one Vocaloid in this world I can actually stand... IA. To be fair though, I'd say I'm rather biased on this one because it was Lia who provided the voice for her, and I love Lia.. Which leads into question 2.

Tori No Uta -- IA is my all time favorite. I guess it makes sense, since it sounds like Lia, who sang the song, mostly because it's the same Lia who provided the voice. XD.

Nope, no fanart for me to like.
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Luka had always been my favourite...
The song Just be Friends made me like her...
then I started listening to more songs by her....

I also like Gakupo and Ia...
Gakupo's voice is so deep I just love it...
as for Ia well I like Lia the voice provider so it's natural that i would like her vocaloid.
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I like too many of them ^^;

I like Luka, Iroha, Lily, and Gakupo the most (usually the one's with alto, lower voices)

As for the songs, Idk whatever I find is good enough for me lmao

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