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The BGC Rules
[Image: GvSBILL.png]
The purpose and the intended goal of the Boogaloo Crews is building a community composed of remarkable people, regardless of their background, to a welcoming hub that focuses on creativity. The Boogaloo Crews is more than a simple general forum; it strives for appreciation of works. Furthermore, there is a heavy emphasis on accuracy, historical events, and documentation on various topics matters. Finally, The Boogaloo Crews encourage you to participate in these topics with courtesy, open-mindedness, respect to engage in these powerful, but challenging conversations—we are not a forum that heavily relies on misinformation, dishonesty nor tolerate any form of harassment.

Upon registration, it is great importance to take a quick glance over the rules of the forum. Failure to do so will result in actions taken whenever a problem arises; you cannot heed to ignorance when that point comes. 

The Boogaloo Crews Staff is compose of a small group of moderators and administrators, who, in their free time, dedicated their time out of their schedule to ensure the forum is in top shape. In hindsight, please use the report button, a built-in functionality button that appears in every post in all threads, if you spot a problematic post(s) or thread(s), rather than sending tons and tons of personal messages. It would allow them to go straight to the source and resolve the issue(s) faster than having them to sort through their inbox with tons of messages. You can still contact an Administrator or Moderator but give them enough time to respond in a timely manner.

Registration and Accounts

The administrators; to ensure the account is not a spam-bot account, do all registrations to Boogaloo Crews through an approval process. The process can take somewhere between one-to-three days to be accepted. Do note that once you decide your username, unless it is a critical reason, you cannot change in any circumstances. If you tried to make multiple duplicate accounts, you may risk your main account to dire consequences. Make sure you use a proper and valid email address when signing up and avoid making unacceptable usernames. We do not delete users, including banned ones, in most cases—and this extends to posting history.

Content, Quality and Posting Style

Every user of the community should be able to properly make a post or thread and ensure that is concise, readable and gets your point across. In addition, members should be able to use proper sentence structure, along with punctuation and spacing, where appropriate. The Boogaloo Staff have the right to edit your thread if the members cannot understand what you are trying to convey in your topic. We are not asking anyone to formulate a well-structured paragraph, but you should conduct yourself professionally and your posts should reflect on it.

In all sections of the Boogaloo Crews, excluding Boogaloo Plaza (which is a chatterbox forum), we encourage members to ensure that their posts contribute to the topic at hand in a respectful manner. One-Liners, excessive back and forth (which includes responding to someone one line at a time), and double-multi posting are frowned upon and will face removal if it becomes a problem—so it is in your best interest to avoid that. Before hitting the submit button, make sure your post is worth contributing to the topic at hand; while a “Yes” or “I agree” can be fine in certain instances that requires no more than those phrases, in most cases, members are expected to put more thought when they post in a topic. If you do not have any noteworthy to say in the topic, you are better off not posting in it in the first place. In addition, do not bump threads that are over a year old—making a brand new thread about the topic instead.

We also ask members if you are posting multiple videos or images, place them under spoilers to avoid members having to scroll endlessly: Spoiler Option: Put any content under spoiler by using this code: [spoiler] [/*spoiler] - [spoiler="title"] [/*spoiler] (remove the stars).

All content on the forum should be “safe for work”; pornographic material of any kind posted will have their posts removed and permanently banned from the forum.

Respect, Tone and Emphasis

Be respectful to your peers and realize that your tone of how you are express your opinion must be with civility and courtesy. The Boogaloo Crews does not tolerate any form of rudeness and personal attacks towards members, of this forum or otherwise—we are expecting members to be mature and professional when engaging in conversations. Pay attention to the content in the discussion and weigh in your opinions; criticism or disagreements should not be an attack to your person—especially something mundane as a cartoon. Anything that results in pointless bickering will result in warning strikes against your accounts and can result in banishment.

In addition, any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated. You ought to have the upmost respect for any individual on the forum and expected to have basic and reasonable knowledge of the subject you engage in. We do not need a horde of racism, bigotry or any uneducated opinions flooding the forum. Go away. Go shit up another website with your shit views. We do not want them here. If you want to go to website that praises such views, go to another website that fits your desires—The Boogaloo Crews is not one of them.

Furthermore, the Boogaloo Crews is not a platform for unsolicited private communication to users; should we receive reports of unwanted private messages and spamming, your account is immediately banned.

Art Garden

The Art Garden is one of the primary section of the Boogaloo Crews. We strive for members to use their creative minds at the absolute limit and let their imagination run wild to create powerful stories and artwork. In this section, you can show off your skills in fine arts, such as drawings (traditional, painting, digital, etc.), graphic designs, making videos and showing off your original stories/fan-fictions. If you have any questions regarding the section, please ask LoopyPanda.

Respecting Copyright

The Boogaloo Crews respect all artists, designers, filmmakers and writers and their creations. Since 1998 (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), anything produced over the internet falls under copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission from the original owner. Thus, all original content, regardless of medium, by Boogaloo Members falls under All Rights Reserved protection. You do not have the right to redistribute, reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload any of the works provided here and vice versa in any way, shape, or form, without explicit written permission or consent by a creator(s).

All Rights Reserved © 2015-2020

Content and Maturity-Rating

In this section only, members can submit multiple posts in their own threads in Artist Gallery, Graphic Designs and Media Room with no consequences, providing if they are posting brand new creative works. In Modern INKers; however, only the writer can post in his or her own thread—members will have to post in the Commentary and Critique thread if they wish to take about the story in question.

By default, all original created works should be safe-for-work. However, if the content of your works is mature, please advise your audience of a maturity rating. However, excessive gore, gore being displayed in a sexual manner, or any form of fetish being depicted in a sexual or cruel manner is not allowed. There is a difference between making a content that has something mature, such as an artwork that display blood or graphic in some fashion, than explicit gore displayed in a sexual or cruel manner.

All posts in the Art Garden (excluding Media Room and Graphic Designs) are required to be placed under spoilers to avoid slow loading times, lagging or endless scrolling: [spoiler] [/*spoiler] - [spoiler="title"] [/*spoiler] (remove the stars).

Lastly, all stories in Modern INKers required prefixes: Original, Fan Fic and Comic are the three prefixes you can chose from that fits the content of your story.

Respect, Quality, Tone and Emphasis

Authors and readers can communicate with the content of the story in the Commentary and Critique section. Readers can analyze, discuss with other readers and creators of many stories, and come up with speculations regarding the next chapter in Modern INKers.

The Boogaloo Crews is expecting members to be respectful, civil and be open to any forms of feedback in regards to their works. In this section, your post should be clear, concise and understandable—it becomes useless if no one is able to understand your opinion on the matter.

You are expected to contribute and engage in the conversation professionally, and able to display your thoughts in a well-constructed manner. Pointless phrases such as “bad-writing” do not help anyone here—they are not criticism. Express your thoughts in a critical analysis of why certain things work, why certain things did not, without resorting to buzzwords such as that—you will be taken a lot more seriously if you put more effort and thought in your post. Any one-liners, phrases such as “bad-writing, this sucks, good-writing, etc.,” will be deleted from the forum with no questions asked. Before hitting the submit button, review your post and have the assurance if it actually contributes to the thread in some way or another.

Readers can make a thread to discuss their interest in a work in the Commentary and Critique section, even threads that the author themselves did not make—and the authors do not have to engage in the conversation if they do not have the desire. Furthermore, do not take it as a personal attack if someone disagree with your works, or, you disagree their criticism against your opinions. All criticism is valid—and furthermore—they are also opinions.

How Banning Works Wrote:Following the rules of the forum is pretty simple. Failure to abide by the rules will net you a series of strikes against your account. Having multiple strikes on your account will lead to privileged being revoked, suspending from posting or outright banned. All members (excluding expectations) will be given a single free warning (this varies from one Staff to another, case-by-case basis, depending on the situation).

Once it's clear that free warning(s) are not enough, you will be given a strike against your account, along with an explanation of why you received such strike(s). Strikes followed a point system which determines your fate on the forum. If you received 100 points (4 Account Strikes), this is an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Account Strike: You will receive 25 points for failing to follow the rules.
    • 50 Points = Suspended Posting for 1 week.
    • 75 Points = Temporary ban for 1 week.
    • 100 Points = Permanent ban from the forum. 

(Rules are subjected to be revised/added at anytime)

You are responsible for reading the rules and any form of guidelines that come forth from that. Proclaiming that you’re “unaware” of what the rules are is no excuse. 

Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the staff members. We reserve the right to withhold forum privileges to members who consistently display incorrigible behavior. Also, note that staff members hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum.

Thanks for taking your time of reading the rules! So, with that said, have fun posting!
- The Boogaloo Staff

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