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Kyogre vs. Ceadeus
Two gods of the sea battle one on one, monster to monster.

TLDR: Ceadeus has the advantage in a short fight, but in a drawn out battle to the death, Kyogre gains the advantage.

In one corner, we have the Alpha, the primordial sea, Kyogre! Kyogre is a pure water type and has many devestating attacks at her disposal. The goddess of the sea as far as Pokemon go, Kyogre is big, bulky, and has absolutely awesome power. Kyogre slumbers at the bottom of the sea in a sea cave, but I have little doubt that a fellow sea god could wake her up. No primal forms here though as that would require outside help. Kyogre has a large and varied movepool, but can only know four at once.

In the other corner, we have Monster Hunter's calamitous giant, the great and powerful Ceadeus. Ceadues also has a wide variety of moves from tail slaps to goring things with its horns, to shooting WATER LASERS, roaring, bodyslams that inflict DRAGON BLIGHT, and more. The Ceadeus had threatened villages and is known to be able to cause earthquakes with his big horns. Ceadeus is considerably larger that Kyogre, and can use all of his moves at once.

In a battle to the death, I feel like Kyogre would win, as she simply seems to be more powerful by virtue of weather control, and being able to threaten an entire region, if not the world as opposed to just a small island village. Kyogre may or may not also be immortal, which the Ceadeus is decisively not. However, if the battle goes until one faints or is repelled, then I'm going with Ceadeus. Ceadeus could resist most of Kyogre's moveset, and hit it back for consistant neutral damage wit most of its attacks- and it takes MUCH longer the repel ceadeus (minimum of 20 minutes) than it does to make Kyogre faint. The whole battle is very situational, but that's my thought.
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