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John Wick VS Van Helsing
Tonight ladies and gentlemen we have a battle between two of the most famous pop culture killers ever unleashed, whose black clothes is as black as the souls of the monsters they kill. The Hitman, the Assassin, the ex retired criminal, Baba Yaga, JOHN WICK! In the other corner we have a concept character who represents and is the archetype of even Wick, the man who killed Dracula and lived to tell the tale, the killer of werewolves, VAN HELSING!

The Russian mob's most brutual hitman.
The leather garbed killer of monsterkind!
Overview of character strengths:

Strengths -
  • Wick is a master of modern day fire arms, competent with most weapons within his arsenal which includes shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, assault rifles, and his favorite collection of knives.
  • Wick is a master of silent movement and killing, able to take out targets by simply getting close without getting detected.
  • Wick is also a master of tracking, able to hunt down, find, and kill anyone who crosses him.
Weaknesses -
  • Wick suffers from human reflexes, notably being overwhelmed by a group of four or five opponents in one scene of his movie that left him on a makeshift hospital bedrest for some time, almost killed if not for the intervention of his mentor.
  • Wick also suffers from a specific form of area of effect lacking, while more than capable of killing several enemies in only a second per opponent, he has no means of attacking more then one person at a time unlike several other combatants, due to his focus on single targets he has more than the speed and precision to make up for this, but if that speed or precision was inhibited, such as by poison or a distraction, he would struggle against hordes.
Van Helsing:
  • Van Helsing according to popular culture is highly versed in monster and human biology, self trained into the best places to shoot and slice to kill them dead, alongside healing diseases of natural or supernatural origins in humans.
  • Van Helsing is known for primarily using hand held crossbows, musket rifles, flint lock pistols, and short swords. His skill with these weapons however matches Wick's expertise.
  • Van Helsing, depending on the source, is a master of silent tracking and killing like Wick is, capable of following a single werewolf to the lair and slaughtering the entire pack on his own.
  • Van Helsing is always a capable trap maker, or ambush layer, capable of getting his target into a bad situation. This however is meaningless without time to study and prepare.
  • In the game series "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing", the good hunter trained his own son in the craft of monster killing, and is implied to have the same abilities, which includes a master of ranged or melee magic, pistols, and swords, alongside leadership ability. In the same game series, Van Helsing also took down a folklore figure of the same origin as John Wick's nickname "Baba Yaga," killing the Russian undead king Koshie the Deathless.
  • Van Helsing is known for using technology considered ancient by Wick's standards, even if we did give him repeating mechanical Chinese crossbows.
  • Van Helsing is also known for having a lack of experience killing humans, despite being capable he would hesitate and simply wouldn't have the same reactions as Wick. Doctor's oath, after all.
  • Van Helsing, apart from infrequent grenades and assorted trap explosives, lacks AoE, same as Wick.
  • Depending on the source, Van Helsing isn't quite as sneaky as Wick is. Despite how capable of a tracker he is, he marches in directly and loudly.
Round 1: Wick VS Van Helsing, in the streets of New York. Both combatants are well versed in city combat, and their dark clothing in the dark streets assists them in hiding from the attacks of their enemies. Both are fully aware of each other and that they're trying to kill each other.

Round 2: Same setting, same conditions, but Van Helsing stopped by a hunting store next to a military grade firearm center and scooted off with modern day crossbows, rifles, pistols, and short swords.

Round 3: We substitute in Van Helsing with the magic equipped Van Helsing Jr. While using antiquated weaponrey, Jr. comes to the field with an enhanced body, weapons reinforced with magic, and command of short use but highly damaging ranged and melee magic, including the ability to heal himself, but with extremely limited but fast recharging mana.

(If there's any problems please tell me, it's been awhile since I set up a match between them. Any alternative strength and weakness to Wick are welcome, and any flaws / bias in Van Helsing's strengths and weakness are something that should be address.)
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