Escaping the Blind
"Does he even know where you are? This ain't some tiny podunk town with just a post office and a farmer's market, you know." Violet said brashly. "It's still kind of dark, and I don't hear anything... the sound of a running car would definitely echo around here. You sure he didn't just ditch you? Or maybe something worse..."

"Better hope he isn't tempted to draw you out with the car's horn. These Blinders might be blind, but they certainly aren't deaf. I bet they can pick up the scent of fresh gasoline emissions as well." Molly said. "Listen, I don't care about how long you intend to stay with us," she remarked coldly, "But if there's any other living people around here, they may also want to get their hands on a running car... especially if the driver is alone."

"Not saying we'd try to rob the car, but some people don't have any humanity left in them." Violet added. "If your friend dies, we'll take the car if you don't want it, though." She shrugged casually. "It'd make the trip a lot faster, yeah?"
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"Seek the old blood. But beware the frailty of men. Their wills weak, minds young."
While the group bickered among themselves, Ezra began to walk in the direction he was set on going. Whether the others followed him did not bother him on his path. 

The more north they went, the more Blinders they would come across, all still in the comatose state mentioned earlier. The sun just barely peaked over the horizon, and everything seemed reasonable for the most part. Boris tried to make small talk with the new people while Ezra continued to lead them to their destination. The deeper they went into what looked to be an abandoned mall parking lot, the more scattered Blinders they would see. 

Carefully moving between areas, something caught Ezra's eye. A corpse, woman, lay on the floor. She was dead for a couple of days at this point, making the smell strong and repulsive. However, the corpse told a story of its own. The panties of the woman were clinging to one of her ankles, implying that she had been raped. Her chest was exposed and her hands put behind her head. The possible cause of death was a shot to her head, apparently a suicide. The back of her head resembled that of pudding. She had a bite mark on her forearm, and the infection was seen crawling throughout her entire arm and where it stopped as well. The veins were bloated and very close to the surface.

"What a way to go," Ezra said blankly. "At least she did the honorable thing and killed herself to prevent further spreading."

"Yeesh..." Boris sighed. "No respect these days." 

"Anyways, looks like she left behind a backpack." Ezra stepped over the corpse and lifted the backpack using his machete. "You ladies need a bag, right? Take this one and continue moving."

Ezra tossed the slightly bloody bag to the girls before inspecting the corpse some more. He and Boris eyed the body suspiciously and felt something was off. Ezra took a deep breath and held it before leaning in closer to the body. He noticed a strange substance on her legs that looked to be remotely fresh. Boris leaned in to glance at it before backing up slightly, the smell overwhelming him. Ezra gently rubbed his fingers against her inner thigh and felt the mysterious slime all over. Pulling his hand back he saw the infamous white substance clinging to his fingertips.

This is fresh... Ezra's eyes widen. This person is sick if he's willing to degrade a corpse. And he's nearby...

"Boris, we need to leave, now," Ezra said suddenly, trying not to alert the others. "The corpse has been recently tampered with."
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!
Wayne kept a notably huge distance from himself to the rest of the group, consistently checking his watch. “Damn, I should’ve been there by this point, but all this needless drivel keeps getting in the way. I think it’s high time to ditch these jesters, so I can catch up with my friend. It shouldn't be that far off...” He noticed Ezra’s body language, causing him to raise a brow.

“I taught enough children to know something is wrong based on their body movements…guess something happened over there… it seems they aren't going to say anything until the last second...” He griped hard onto the dagger, nearly unsheathed from its holder on his backpack. “Looks like it’s time to leave.” He said out loud for the girls to hear his statements. "Those chumps noticed something wrong, so I suggest to be on your guard."
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"Mess with the Walt,"
"And you get the Salt."

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Molly gingerly picked up the bloody backpack with a gloved hand, but did not sling it across her back just yet. She said nothing, but even as hardened as she was by what she had seen before as a doctor, this wasn't something she would ever be able to stomach. Ezra's body language said it all.

Violet was staring off into any direction but the corpse before them, so she didn't understand what was the problem until Wayne called their attention. Even then, Molly forcefully moved her head away from the body as she tried to see.

"Don't look," Molly struggled to keep her voice from cracking. "Just stay close. And... don't touch anything with your bad hand." She beseeched in a whisper, digging her heel into the ground. "It's all filthy." 

Violet gave her a confused look but obeyed and tightened the grip on her bat. "Fine by me?..."
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"Seek the old blood. But beware the frailty of men. Their wills weak, minds young."

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