Escaping the Blind
“Poor you. You should be thanking me that I accelerated the process. Had the rednecks fired off their guns willy-nilly, because you sucked at sneaky, Blinders would’ve come running down anyways.” Wayne said. “Is the Morphine screwing your head or something, or you just ignored that little detail of what you did back there?” 

Wayne checked the time on his watch and then took the time listening to any sound. No footsteps that like sound likes Blinders are rushing in any time soon. “Regardless, I’ll take the heat, considering you’re more inclined to pit the blame on me for your own inexperience.” The man chuckled as he continued to hear any sudden movements.
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"Is that all you got?"

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"Yeah, I'm not in the mood to listen to old people bicker." Violet followed Boris out of the room and into the new area of the mall.

"Speak for yourself. I'd rather get disemboweled alive by Blinders than be subjected to whatever those bastards might have had in mind. They seemed like they were patrolling the place, so we ought to leave as soon as we can." Molly said with a grimace while she worked, taking out a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a rag. The label was practically dried and peeled off from age, but there was at least enough for several more uses. Carefully, Molly took Ezra's wrist and seemed to be feeling for a certain artery on it, stopping on the thumb-side of his wrist. Wrapping her fingers around the arm, she squeezed down on it for a few seconds before releasing. Molly repeated it a few times. "This should get the bleeding under control before we sew it up."
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"Don't give up, Senpai!"
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