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Do you dream away with music?
I'm curious, do you have those moments where you dream away with certain songs in a way where you're the star of some kind of epic adventure, with the song you're listening to as part of the soundtrack?

For example, when I'm listening to Chronologie 4 by Jean Michel Jarre, I imagine that my friends and I are on a snowboarding track, with the motions and patterns influenced by the song, with the end phase culminating in visiting the Snowboard part of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

When I'm listening to Oxygene 4 by Jean Michel Jarre however, I imagine that my friends and I are swimming over the course of a long distance to reach some kind of goal.

I usually put on music just before I go to bed and often dream about my characters, to see how they flow with the music, certain actions or sequences that would take place. It leaves me to become inspired to write more after that  Kat
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That is interesting. What kind of music do you love to dream away with?
If you mean daydreaming, yes! I have a playlist set aside for specific moods (I actually have 13 different ones. Lol!)

This is mostly to help me with writing settings rather than characters or scenes. I do have 2 playlists set aside for scenes, which include emotional music, or epic music you'd probably hear playing in a final boss battle. Outside of writing though, I put on whatever suits my mood and kinda... drift off in a black void of nothingness if I close my eyes. lol
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That is quite interesting. Big Grin

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