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Bob Ross Competition Series
The Bob Ross Series is a competition, which aims to draw out the maximum potential of all kinds of artists in the growing media. An exclusive competition of the Art Garden section, any artists can participate in the Bob Ross series to display their work, including feedback, awesome awards and improving your artistic skills even further. Each Bob Ross Competition has their own tasks and guidelines in order to challenge your artistic ability.

All Bob Ross Series will have three anonymous judges that will pick out the top three artist in the Bob Ross Series; they will provide any comments and feedback of the artwork to enrich you the knowledge of what areas that need help your improvement as an artist.

All Bob Ross Series will always start on a Thursday at 12:00 AM and ends within 30 days (4 weeks), landing on a Saturday at 12:00 AM PDT. You can post your artwork anytime within that timeframe.

You MUST provide your own original content—do not steal artwork from other artists. Tracing and recoloring is frown upon and an automatic disqualification. Lastly, use IMGUR as a photo hosting for posting your artwork. 

To register in a Bob Ross Series Competition, you can just simply post in the thread and confirm what you are doing based on the guidelines laid out by the thread. 

All Different Bob Ross Series As of Now
  • Donut Steel Event: Drawing Original Characters
  • Waifu-Husbando Event: Drawing your favorite male and/or female characters 
  • Opposite Alignment Event: Draw a character opposite of their alignment
  • Life Drawing Event: Replicate an real-life person as best as you can
  • Scenery Background Event: Draw a scenery background
  • No Gamers Draw Life Event: Draw Video Game Characters
Participating and/or winning a Bob Ross Series competition grants some nice awards! Certain Awards are limited to certain competitions. Can you collect them all?

  • Artist Badge: Placed Third in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Michelangelo Badge: Placed Second in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Mioi Badge: Placed First in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Da Vinci Badge: Placed First in 4 different Bob Ross Competition
  • Bob Ross Award: Placed First in the Big Artwork Competition
Special Badges
  • OC Master Badge: Win Donut Steel Competition
  • Waifu-Husbando Badge: Win Waifu-Husbando Badge
  • Opposite Day Badge: Opposite Alignment Event 
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