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Ploep's Stuff
I’m on a rolll with another doodleeedeee

And since I got the chance to edit my comp entry I tried making it less ugli but I didn’t succeed.. but at least the eyes don’t piss me off that much anymore. XD I can say I tried... Kat Shutdown  

I’d need to redraw the whole thing to be tackling the other major issues but tbh I can’t be bothered to. XD

[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
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Ayyyyo Plooooooep I see u made some new awesome drawings!

I really like the winter(?) girl. I don't know why but I just like that tiny detail you did on the eye (the tiny pink part) I can't explain why I like it! I guess it might be because it's closer to a realistic eye than what most anime-style drawings tend to do. Love all these goodies you dropped.

[Image: t07N5Zq.gif]

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Ask and thou shall receive Quite  (thanks Z!)

Some more doodliedoos

Just a purple haired guy
My OC’s from a story I made somewhere in 2008 or so and I never finished typing it out..or finish the story in its whole.. I just enjoy thinking about it xD  

Girl with short hair.. down below you’ll see another version with long hair cuz idk how I prefer her to look... also on my insta you can see the time lapse of this drawing: Time lapse
Another sketch Here’s the longer haired version of the girl!
  And lastly an ugly dump xD the outfit was loosely based on my hobo clothes I normally wear at home to chill xD (the pant isn’t cutoff irl xD)

I am so glad the iPad actually really did improve my motivation to draw more!
[Image: XTjOHU5.png]
~ Set made by Elio ~
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I'm glad to see you working on more art Ploep! Pretty cool! Also very glad you've got more motivation to draw!
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