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Can a superhero participate in the Olympics?
Take two different scenarios:

First Scenario:

A regular man suddenly breaks his limits during Track & Field competition, easily out speeding other runners and broke practically all records. Will his accomplishments be met? Assuming that the officials had clear him from any foul play (such as dopping, enhancements, etc), will his record-breaking feats will be accepted? Or thrown out because, after that point, it would be practically impossible for anyone to accomplished that (under the assumption that man is the first and last person to do so)? 

Second Scenario:

Suppose a man gain superhuman-like strength, should the man be allowed to participate in the Olympics? If not, would this be considered discrimination? Why or why not?
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It would eventually fall under a type of discrimination because the Olympics are not based on true diversity anymore. The games are meant to capture the top performance of each country in the events: to represent your country, you have to be considered the best at what you do. Barring the use of illegal drugs, enhancements, etc.

Scenario 1 would be dependent on how long it would take to discover the truth, and would also be reliant on the question of “can other humans reach this power on their own too?”. If not, then I see no reason why it wouldn’t be counted in the same field as illegal drugs, as enhancements to the body outside of what is considered fair and acceptable are banned. A super power selective to a specific human is proof of inhuman capability, and therefore doesn’t not fit the theme of celebrating human potential, let alone celebrating that potential “fairly”.

Scenario 2 also fits into the one above, as no matter how it would be spun in the media, those circumstances would disqualify a contender easily if they were unique to only them.
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