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So, who are streamers here? I'm actually gonna start with final fantasy
I don't stream, and even when I do (I had my first one a while ago but haven't done it again), I have my mic off. But that's because I'm shy and I don't aim to do it as a 'thing' like Youtubers/Streamers for $$$ do. If you aim to gain a following, I think it's basically required to use a mic esp if you're streaming on a PC. The Twitch stream will lag behind by at least 3 seconds on the viewer's end, so a mic makes responding to any comments relatively hands free. It's also way easier to engage with your viewers that way. It's not the case for streamers who just art I think.

Personally, I hate my voice, so broadcasting it like that is not a good idea for me. >_> (doesn't help that my space is pretty rowdy, so it would be distracting to hear so much background noise anyway)

I assume you're streaming on console if it's FF?
nope, emulator so its pc and I might link it in my profile if you wanna watch sometime
in that case, your setup might be less of a bother than it was for me when I had to do it on the PS4. lol

that would be a good idea!
I stream sometimes whenever I'm feeling the motivation. Which begs the question, which streaming services is superior? YouTube or Twitch? Maybe @Freak can give us the best answer for this one.
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