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Social Media vs Forums
I personally like forums better than Social Media because information can be misinformed via social media much easier. While Social media is useful with making connections with people across the world, it's very easy to be a victim of misinformation. With millions of people tweeting and sharing the same thing, information can be edited and people would be none the wiser because 'so many people agree with it' or 'it has a lot of likes, therefore it must be right.'

Maybe it's a personal experience I had, but I feel as if people blindly believe any on social media if it has enough likes and shares. This goes for everything. I'm not saying forums are free from false information, however, I feel like people need to think a little more before they type. They can't just say something and expect everyone to like it. People will (hopefully) do research on the topic and reply accordingly to a person. I think I'm looking at the point a bit too literal but I believe that social media gave people an excuse to not look things up because 'Well, a million people shared/liked this! It HAS to be true!'

Today, people want 'instant gratification' and their '15 minutes of fame' so they are willing to make videos of deplorable things and post it on social media all for a few likes and fame. Actions like these are usually done to get a reaction out of people, whatever it may be. And it works. I'm not entirely convinced that such a thing will happen on a forum because the admin/mods can usually take it down because major damage is dealt, but I can be jumping the gun on that one. Once something is shared on Social Media, it's already too late.

Then again, this can be applied to the Internet as a whole.
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I also like to think that social media had turned people into a bunch of keyboard warriors that jumped onto anything without a slightness form of research. For example.... the #MeToo hashtag is a wonderful example where all it takes is a few assholes to spoiled the bunch... where people instinctively jumped onto anything without properly research on something they thought it was happening and turns out to be nothing but hot air...  

And this isn't exclusive to MeToo, it's practically every single issue that props up. Critically thinking becomes a loss art these days. Research, common sense, questioning... all becomes symbols of "blaming the victim", when it shouldn't be like that. If something seems fishy (and this is ignoring those bastard anti-sjws and MRA fuckwits)... asking questions (in a proper setting, not on social media) shouldn't be taken as an attack... but I think that with the internet becoming more connected, people strive for more relevance by making explosive statements in other to gander tweets, likes and the sort.
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