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What is the Definition of Family?
In the past family was marked solely by blood lineage, marriage, and offspring. It was important to do things for blood family members no matter who they were, even if they had actively slighted against you or such, and assassinating them could be considered one of the worst things possible. Blood was so important English kings paid scholars to trace back their parentage to King Author for the good of their rule. Starting in the 1900s the definition of family received a subtle change. The best friend started to become the third closest person to the head of a household, the blood family slash in laws and the wife preceding him (in that order). Getting to the 70s, 80s, and 90s the focus on family shifted from the nuclear household of father, mother, and offspring to those who you relied on and trusted, adoption becoming largely more accepted (in theory) and it becoming established for the blood family and a particular family member to cut all ties. Into the 2000s it continues to change, I see a lot of mixture of blood family being important and fighting in-between blood family members is an abomination, but that the closest friends can be better than blood family members and can be more deserving of affection based on the relationship to the blood family.

So, how do you define family?

I myself find I love my blood family dearly, but there are a few members of whom that I have nothing but contempt and hatred for, due to their actions making them absolute monsters of whom I would rather walk for hours than be forced to sit in the same house with. I have an adopted uncle of whom I'm just as close and reliant upon as my blood family and nothing that is said can change my relationship with him. And I put online friends I know on the same level as my blood family, if not more so at times due to a period of difficult home life and suicidal depression making me distance myself from them.
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Families, I think, is something that you trust. And not just a simple trust like, the usual phrase "yeah, I trust you to do this." It's an instinctively thing that doesn't need to be said: you automatically already assumed trust from the get-go of how close you're with that person.

I wager that even through hatred, if you trust someone that much (i.e. yeah, this person is an asshole, but I trust them with my life), they should be considered as family, I think.
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