Galactic Ruins
Before Mex left, she gave out a salute, along with a thumbs up, before leaving the premise to the corridor. 

“Man, that was quite a show in there, wasn’t it? Although, I can understand why some of them are a bit worry; their livelihood is at stake here.” Mex turns to the others. “Hopefully, their expectations won’t place any pressure on our abilities in the field.”
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"I have made many enemies in my lifetime, many different kind of enemies; however, you know what all of them have in common?"

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"Who you callin' a dweeb you brat?!" Erik grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Whatever, at least you can pick fights as fast as you can open your mouth."

Erik rolled his shoulders, bracing himself for whatever may come their way and stretching his old mechanical limbs. He wondered about the mission at hand and tried to think up what Genma might be planning.

"You guys think that Gemmy dude is actually a real threat or is he all talk? I mean... he could be working for someone else. Eh, I doubt it. I bet we can take that pile-o-scrap down faster than one-eye over there can blink!" Erik pointed a finger at Mioi.
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The Fuck You Say You To Me..?!

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