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BGC Newsletter Issue #1 - October 2018
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Hi all,

Occasionally, there will be a forum newsletter to discuss the latest news, changes, etc., on Boogaloo Crews (BGC). The purpose of the newsletter is getting the community, both old and new, involved in the process of pushing the site even further. We welcomed any feedback and/or suggestions to better our forums and newsletters.

Major General Website Changes/Works in Progress

Site URL Changes: There were multiple reports of several users of not being able to log on, then able to get on just fine when they try again. This issue relates to the change of “http” to “https” after installing the auto-SSL certificate. An easy fix is to ensure that when you enter the site, you are using the https one:

Themes: Numerous themes have appeared throughout the first three years of Boogaloo; however, a decision was reach to cut down all the themes to one—The Core (and its night version of it, The Black Core). It made finding out bugs much easier to track down, reduced the amount of workload, and it only uses one template to check over rather than checking multiples.
  • The Core Theme is getting a bit of an overhaul in terms of appearances around next year, once the new responsive upgrade releases. In other words, the forum will be mobile-friendly for users who get on their mobile devices often.
Visitor Messages Disabled: For few weeks, some of you have noticed that visitor messages no longer exist on the forum. It is because the author of the plugin hasn’t update it for months—and it has numerous issues, including not being notified when comments are posted on the pages, the refresh system no longer works—i.e. when you post on someone’s page, it doesn’t show the new post unless hard-refresh the site. Due to this, the plugin is disabled; if you want to communicate with your fellow members, personal messaging or other forms of communication tool is your best bet. 
  • Possible Return: It is possible to create an original plugin, which supports Visitor Messages. I might start working on PHP coding in the distant future when I have the time. It also possible that the visitor message plugin might appeared in the new responsive upgrade around next year or so.
Member Profiles Enhanced: I have upgraded Member Profiles to make it more appealing, visually, than the bland, boring look. You can now add banners on top of your profile by going through User CP -> Edit Profile -> Additional Information: Post a link of an image in “Profile Header” and it will show up on your profile. The maximum size is 1125x250 and it supports .jpg, .gif, .png formats. I have also added more custom fields such as Milestones and Occupations. 

Alerts: Requested by Nick, Alerts are now viewable at the top menu and it is now scrollable when you go down to express good convenience for the users.

Statistics: A new plugin to show off multiple threads from all forums having new posts in real time—along with the Alerts System, members can see new posts in an efficient manner without much delay. Furthermore, there is a tab for BoogaVerse (Roleplayers), Art Garden (Creators) and Plaza (everyone). You can use the refresh button to see any new posts as your liking.

Forum News

Art Garden and Roleplay Park: Requested by LoopyPanda, in an effort to form out central theme of the site, Art Garden and Roleplay Park moved up to the top under The Boogaloo Crews section to have a more presence to new users. 

Art 101 became Creative Workshop, and becomes its own subsection, to emphasize the point of gathering more in-depth discussion on our skills as an artist, writer, graphic designer or a filmmaker. Literacy Gems is now under Modern INKers for discussion on existing works in literary such as novels, poems and books. 

BoogaVerse Hyper Informative Guide 3.0 is now out for your Open RPG needs. BoogaVerse is an OPEN Roleplay where all stories connect with one another in some fashion. The purpose of this guide is to ensure an understanding of the section and become the essential information tool to build your character(s), area(s) and understanding of BoogaVerse. It is mandatory to read this guide; otherwise, you will be confused.


Forums Updates: Akiba Boulevard becomes a new subsection of Boogaloo District, with Akiba café acting as a general discussion for specific animes, mangas and light novels. Metroham Avenue focuses on western and international content, excluding Japanese content, with two subsection that focuses on international comics, films and TV shows.

The Moderation System: In the beginning, we have plenty of people on the staff but due to the being a small community, there is no justification of having too many moderators: this lead to the staff reduced to ten members on the team. Furthermore, all moderators (excluding Administrators) have the same abilities and powers to oversee the entirely of the forum. Along with the powers to move, trash, delete, edit, merged, close, open, and sticky threads, they can do the following things:
  • Can change/remove/add a poll and its options
  • Can make and delete announcements
  • Can view IPs of members
  • Can manage announcements
  • Can view moderator logs
  • Can temporary or permanent ban users
  • Can grant Awards through Moderation CP
  • Can manage announcements/queues/content and other things
  • Can IP Search
  • Can manage visitor comments
  • Can issue warning strikes
  • Can access Moderation CP
This new system allows the BGC Staff to all be on the same page and allows members to have good communication with any of the staff for all their problems or concerns. The role of administrators, aside that they also have these abilities, we have a more specific role.
  • @ShineCero is the site owner and behind the scenes in terms of the technical side of the website and overall head of BoogaVerse’s development. 
  • @~ Z ~ is the co-owner of the website and focuses on community events. 
  • @LoopyPanda focuses on Art Garden and its development. 
  • @Freak focuses on the development of Tech Club and No Game No Life.
Awards and Karma Stars: You can earn awards based on specific requirements, including posting, liking posts, engaging in the community, participating in competition and then some. Karma Stars are automatically granted to you based on post count. 

Competition Announcements

Pokémon Cup Series: Spooky Cup

As October approaches, the critters are coming out of the woodwork—meaning, it is time for brand new Pokémon Cup to enter the stage! Spooky Cup focuses on Ghost and Dark Type Pokémon only. You can use any Ghost and Dark Pokémon in your team, including Mega Evolutions and Legendary (however, they are limited to one, and so you have to choose one of them). It based on Doubles Format and there is no restriction on items. Spooky Cup will be begin on October 6th and October 13th, so don’t miss out!

The Pokémon Cup Series is a tournament style competition exclusive to the Pokémon section. Depending on the number of players, participants battle it out against one another to win awesome awards and hosted on Pokémon Showdown rather than on the Nintendo Consoles. It is literally easy to get on (no email activation, just sign on with a username and password) and make a team—you literally only need to use a finger and right-click stuff.

October Art Competition: Night of 100 Frights

Welcome one and all, to the festivities of Halloween!

For this Art Competition, you will be celebrating the month of October by showing off your creativity for the spookiest month of the year! As a result, this will be an open-ended format in which you may pick anything to draw, so long as it captures what you believe is the essence of Halloween. As always, any and all mediums for visual arts are welcome as long as you drew it.

This will be our first art competition that is not a Bob Ross special, meaning that in exchange for not being required to draw according to a specific theme/prompt and a longer window to complete your piece, you will receive a badge as a reward for winning, but it will count as a standard competition. (Meaning it will not be added to the number of Bob Ross series you’ve won). In essence, this competition is more on the festive side, so participants who put forth good effort that is demonstrated in the piece to the judges (regardless of technical skill) will receive this special badge to add to their Trophy Case. More details to come in the full thread for the event.

You have until October 31st (12 A.M. PST) to submit your entry.


[Image: UJosZr3.png]

Introducing: Dickens Essayists Series

I am announcing the third and final type of competition for the Boogaloo Crews—the Dickens Essayists Series. A writing competition exclusive to Modern INKers challenges anyone to construct a story in any themes. As with the other two competitions, there will be awards, feedback to improve your skills and the chance to expand your writing ability outside of your comfort zone. 

A test competition will appear on October 20th and you will be given 11 days to complete it. However, this is the theme of what to expect of the competition to get a extremely early start on it (like today!):
  • Freestyle: You can write whatever (in any format, poetry, fan-fiction, etc.) and however you wish! Everything is on the table for this one, folks! Join for fun and help iron out the details to improve the next Dickens Essayists Competition. 
  • The requirement is a minimum word count of 300 and the maximum is 1500.
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@LoopyPanda just sent me a condensed version (for Newsletter purposes) of the incoming Art Competition this October! A thread of it will be up soon, so please, look forward to it and join.

Also, you can comment on these newsletter; that way it encourage others to post as well because some users (unfortunately) might have a hard time clicking around and checking things out. Quite
[Image: yMP37k3.png]

"Is that all you got?"

Artwork: My Art
Original Stories: No Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | Become (Short Story)
Fan-Fiction: Kingdom Hearts | Drakengard 
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Honestly thought I couldn't comment on these. Oops. Thanks for the head's up.

"Themes: Numerous themes have appeared throughout the first three years of Boogaloo; however, a decision was reach to cut down all the themes to one—The Core (and its night version of it, The Black Core). It made finding out bugs much easier to track down, reduced the amount of workload, and it only uses one template to check over rather than checking multiples."

This news is my favorite to be honest.
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