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Sylvester Stallone Competition Series
The Sylvester Stallone Series is the younger sibling of the Bob Ross Series, and is distinct in several different ways. While both series aim to bring out the creativity of its participants in the best settings possible, the Stallone series is more laid-back and are intended to serve as the "regular" art competitions. This is a recent change, but will bring more value to the prestige of earning the badges associated with winning a certain number of competitions in the Bob Ross series-- the Bob Ross badge being the ultimate one! Like the Bob Ross series, this line of contests will often include exclusive badges/trophies added to your Awards tab on your profile, feedback from judges, and serve as an outlet for improving your art skills while still having fun. But there are some fundamental differences:
  • These do not come with assigned specific prompts: instead, you are given a broadly worded topic and may use your own judgement in determining what you wish to draw. Often this will be for festive themes. Specific prompts will be relatively simple tasks (i.e. similar to the Redraw competition we did before), or others will be just too silly to really work as a Bob Ross competition.
  • Usually you will have a longer window (typically the entire month) to complete these. For more simpler tasks that can be done quickly, the window may be smaller (perhaps 2 weeks maximum)
  • Because these are hypothetically simpler, they may be held on a monthly basis or more often than Bob Ross, depending on the participation levels for the first few Stallone comps. This will make the Bob Ross competitions higher in rarity but gives you ample time to start polishing your technical skill for a challenge with a higher skill ceiling.
  • Rare/Exclusive Badges will be made for these competitions, but we currently won't give 'achievement trophy' badges for winning a certain number of them.
Overall, the concepts for this series are less competitive-sounding compared to the usual Bob Ross prompts, so the Stallone series bridges the gap between those who feel lacking in technical skill and would like a less rigid objective to complete.

Planned Events
October: Night of 100 Frights

Check back for more! Because this is a new idea, there will be some bumps to iron out so bear with me on this for a bit. I look forward to hearing you guys' feedback on it in the near future.
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