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Allies Pantheon (Under Construction)
This is where all allies are noted here...
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"I Got My Eye On You"

Artwork: My Art
Original Stories: No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | Become (Short Story)
Fan-Fiction: Kingdom Hearts | Drakengard 
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ShineCero, The Grand Sorcerer

Name: ShineCero
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Position: Leader of the Brotherhood of Black Magic
Height: 5'7
Weight: 119 Ibs
Species: Human
Personality: He has a quiet personality. He doesn't like to involved himself into matters that doesn't concern his peers nor himself, claiming that it would only further add to the problem. As the result, he isn't much of a talker per say- he mostly confined himself into his office, working out all the information and the sort for both Black Magic Society and White Magic Society to make sure the function is up and running. He has a habit of making "black comedy" jokes from time to time, in order to lighten up the mood-although it would only make things worse since he says it on the absolute wrong time. 

Magic: ShineCero, being leader of the Brotherhood of Black Magic, has an range variety of magic ability. It was said that he had developed his own "type of black magic" - although it still under development. He has two weapons that he usages for his abilities
  • The Shining Staff - Although the name is ordinary it can be, it's a powerful magical weapon that's able to record many spells within the root of it, able to dished out many attacks as the user wished to be.
  • Darkness Cards - An collection of 5 different cards, each having their own purposes. Together, they formulate an incredible and strong barrier around himself that was said to be impossible to break.
Magical Attacks - While ShineCero is capable to knowing a range variety, there's are several spells that he'd commonly used the most.
  • Negative Hole - Able to formulate a mini-black hole and sends towards the enemy to destroy. It was said that it's gravitational hole is nearly the same of that of the Black Hole.  
  • Fallen Dragon, Rain of Life - Able to inflict damage onto the enemy by casting a green-like aura around them with a snap of his fingers, while snapping their life to heal the user. 
  • Demon Chasers - Able to summon Deimos from the dead as an aide in battle and attack the enemy for a temporary amount of time.
  • Teleportation Crash - Where he can teleport himself in different areas within in instant, sending a barrage of attacks
  • Thunder Dragon God, Thoron - Summons a powerful lightning strike to struck down the enemy
  • Chaotic Dragon Lord, Hell Raiser - Where he summons flames from underneath the earth and burn down the enemy that stands in that area
  • Blooming Ice Dragon of Destruction, Absolute Zero - Where he summons an tsunami of water crashing down onto the enemy then freeze it to near absolute zero. 
  • Birth Dragon, Extreme Dark Void - Thousands of dark orbs appeared around the enemy, attacking it from all directions. 
  • Purity Dragon of Light, Screams of the Fallen - Lasers forms around the enemy, attacking it from all directions. 
  • Meteor Strike, Dragon's Rage - Summons meteors from vast distances and rain down the enemy
  • Paradise Dance - ShineCero's strongest attack. Two orbs, one light and the other, darkness, fall onto the enemy. There's a fifty percent chance that it will bless them with happiness (light) or completely annihilate them into nothingness (darkness).
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status/Skills - The Usage of Darkness Cards
  • Spirit of Rage - Raise one's attack
  • Guard Boost - Raise one's defense 
  • Extreme Speed - Raise one's speed
  • Drain - Weakens the enemy by several times. 
  • Quick Time - Able to stop time around 5 meters from where he stand for able 3 seconds.
  • Reality Disperse - Able to wrap your's perception of reality in an illusion state.
  • Mind Control - Able to mind control beings with weak will 
  • Confusion - Confused the enemy 
  • Strongest Field - Where he creates an force field around himself. However, he can't attack if he's using this spell. 
  • Gravity Disruption - Pins down the enemy
  • The Void of Nothingness - Where he summons a dimension to sends the enemy into a place where escape is near impossible 
Biography: Before his ties into the Black Magic Brotherhood, ShineCero was from a poor town in a far off land within Paradice Region. He became interested in magic when he was about 6 years old, when he saw a little girl crying over the loss of her dog. In attempts to make her smile, he performed various magic he observed earlier to cheer her up, with success. From that fay forward, ShineCero wanted to study the arts of Magic to become the greatest mage in the world. Now, he's interested of creating a new "art" into the world of magic.
[Image: 9FCkO9z.png]

"I Got My Eye On You"

Artwork: My Art
Original Stories: No More Heroes | Good Days | Kaiju Man | Become (Short Story)
Fan-Fiction: Kingdom Hearts | Drakengard 
Social Media: Twitter | Twitch

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