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No More Heroes Anarchy's Character Registration

No More Heroes Anarchy

Premise: The Busters Organization is a group of Specials who banded together to deal with problematic specials in their own way in hopes of changing the public opinion on them. However, their activity is increasingly becoming more dangerous as their popularity increased, drawing in unwanted foes. 

Important Links General Notes
  • Specials are human beings; despite having powers, bullets and such will still kill them.
  • The story will not be on hold. So if you do not post within the week, we will skip you. 
  • Do not introduce outer-space elements or anything of the sort. Galactic Ruins has all that space magic.
  • Do not metagame, powerplay, godmodding or bunnymodding.
  • Expanding metagaming, do not mix your knowledge with IC (in character) with OOC (out-of-character information), your character(s) do not know everything.
  • The maximum character limit is 3; you can choose to introduce a new one if one dies, but they cannot be used until the next chapter.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia.
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • For three arcs, the villains will be maintain by me; players will have a chance to introduce their villain in the future.
Character Registration Rules
  • You can create up to three characters (max) throughout the duration of this roleplay.
  • Death is possible in this story; however, if your character dies and you want to replace them with a new character, they will not appear until the next chapter.
  • You have an option of making your character a villain.
  • ONE of your registered character will be part of the Busters.
  • You can only have ONE power for your character.
  • Once a character went through approval in registration, you cannot create a character with the same power (including variations).
  • Banned Powers: Magic/Magic Energy, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, “Future Sight”, and Time Travel Manipulation.
Character Template
  • Name:
  • Identity Name: If one of the character is an entertainer or part of the Special Task Force, you can give them an identity name.
  • Birthday: 
  • Power:
  • Weakness:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Ethnicity:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Background: (Optional)
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In Progress.....

Name: Daiman Stewart
Power: Imaginary: Anything Daiman imagines, it comes to life his hands. 
Weakness: If Daiman tried to boost himself up using his power, it would only last for a few minutes. It's also extremely exhausting for him to continue using the power in rapid succession. 
Birthday: September 4th
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black-Indian 
Appearance: Slim and often looking down. He has several wounds around his back and chest.
Personality: He's quiet and soft-spoken. Lately, he's becoming more cynical ever thank the death of his cousin, Eon. 
Background: Daiman was born in California, living in a small town somewhere in San Bernardino county. He is the child of Zuleka and Edward. However, he barely sees them as the two are constantly working (although they do sent him gifts). He was under the care of his aunt for a while before he, along with Eon, decides to hit the street and become a professional hero. However, it backfired when he ended up being responsible of the robber's death.
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Name: Naolyn Mango

Identity Name: N/A.

Power: Psychic/telekinetic powers. Your typical psychic user.

Age: 18

Birthday: September 15

Weakness: Her paranoia and inability to remain alone. If she remains alone for long periods of time, she begins to harm herself due to the voices in her head. She is very easily manipulated thanks to her fragile mind.  

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Appearance: Straight, short black hair up to her shoulders, dark circles, and bags under her eyes from her lack of sleep. She's very short, barely measuring up to 5 feet. She has a dirty grey hoodie, black jeans, and black Converse Shoes. Under her jacket, her arms are full of self-inflicted scars and some scars are visible under her hair. 

Personality: Naolyn is a very nervous and paranoid Special who doesn't trust anyone around her because she believes that they will hurt her. She rarely sleeps because she is affected by nightmares and visions that torment her. Her body is always twitching in some way and she tends to say that 'The Voices' are trying to take control of her. She tends to unleash her powers violently when under stress or left alone for a long period of time. She appears child-like and scared of everything and everyone around her. 



Name: Ryder 

Identity Name: Shadow

Power: Shadow Manipulation and control. His own Shadow can turn to almost any weapon.

Birthday: October 18

Weakness: The stronger the light is, the less he can manipulate shadows that are not his own. His eyes are also very sensitive to light. He can potentially be blinded if light flashes directly in his eyes. 

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: American

Appearance: Some minor changes: Ryder's hair is a dark brown color. He wears solid black sunglasses, even in the dark. He carries with him a jet black guitar made entirely from his shadow. The color of his clothes is a mix of black, red, and blue. I kept the zipper-pants because it seems to be a staple with him. 

Personality: Ryder is very quiet and sometimes rude to people. He cares deeply for his music and hopes to become a rock star in the future and enter the hall of fame for rock stars. He's secretly very bashful about his music and tends to get embarrassed when people catch him singing a tune or rocking out on his guitar. He acts as if he doesn't want the compliments but secretly appreciates them. He is very nervous around women, particularly those that touch him and those taller than him. He prefers to stay as far away from them as possible. 


Name: Dr. Zane Issa

Identity Name: 

Birthday: December 19th

Power: Illusions [Able to create illusions within the mind and affect the senses to believe something is real.]

Weakness: Physical attacks that hit him directly will cancel his illusions. 

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: African  

Appearance: ( Will provide Drawing in due time) 6'3, Dark-skinned, and very short hair. He doesn't wear a shirt and has several white traditional tattoos over his arms, chest, and back. He wears a couple traditional necklaces from his home, his favorite one being the necklace with the fangs and claws of a leopard. He has red pants that just barely go over his knees. He has a yellow piece of fabric that ties around his waist that looks to be burned on some parts. His legs also have similar white markings. He wears red high-top shoes. 

Personality: Zane is numb and emotionless to almost everyone around him. He is very quiet, intelligent, sadistic, and persistent. However, he isn't outright cruel or cold-blooded because all he seeks are answers to the confines of one's mind. His methods of finding answers usually cause more harm than good and are unethical, most of the times resulting in someone losing their mind, comatose, or death. He believes that fear and pain is what makes all living things stronger and, at the same time, hold them back. His ultimate goal is to have the world engulfed in his illusion powers so that those who are strong enough and smart enough to get past their fears and distinguish reality from illusion are the only ones worthy of being alive. 

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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
Name: Celeste Castillo
Birthday: June 13th
Power: Animal/Beast Mimicry 
Weakness: her stamina becomes the equivalent of whatever animal she chooses to shift into and has seen the animal before well enough to mimic it. Fantasy or mythological beasts cannot be mimicked. Invertebrates not applicable.
Age: 25
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Spanish and French
Appearance: Initially arrived to the center with long greyish-black hair that was evident it was well-maintained, but almost immediately, she chopped it all off to sit above the shoulders. She came with nothing but the designer clothes on her back, but lately it's switched to tank tops and shorts or baggy pants. Her eyes are gray.

Personality: Chaotic neutral-- she follows her own moral code above all else. She is good at faking her emotions and uses this to her advantage in all kinds of situations. Her real self is bitter, cynical, with a jaded outlook on life although this began with the less savory aspects of the industry she worked in. Despite this, she's still got a heart of gold... somewhere. She speaks with a blunt and crass demeanor that betrays any nicer impression you would normally get from her.

Name: Cernia Nieves
Birthday: January 23
Power: Ice Manipulation
Weakness: Fire or heat sources. Moisture in the air must be present. Otherwise, she must use the water in her body.
Age: 17
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Hispanic-American
Appearance: 5'3". White hair and dark brown (almost black) eyes. She has tanned skin and short messy hair (with uneven bangs) that ends above the base of her skull and two locks of hair that stay longer at the front. She also wears a blue apron-dress and white kneesocks, but these are obscured by the gray winter coat she wears that ends about halfway above the knee: she wears it to keep others from feeling the cold her body radiates.
Personality: To people she doesn't know well, she is a mix of both withdrawn and bratty. In spite of placing strangers at arms-length, she acts benevolently if she doesn't feel threatened. Otherwise, she will stand her ground without resorting to lethal force (mainly out of fear she will do something she'll regret). As a friend/ally, she is kind, loyal, and playful even though she can still act a bit immature. Cernia is hard to genuinely anger, but actively tries to keep it in check fearing something bad will happen if she doesn't. Because of this, she is eager to please others and fears being socially rejected since she suffers from loneliness.

Name: Marlene Hughes
Birthday: October 24th
Power: Blood bending to change the viscosity, elasticity, and hardness of her own blood by manipulating how it clots and solidifies. For a brief window of time that the blood is separate from her body, she can also manipulate it and attack without warning.
Weakness: If she loses too much blood before she can clot it (such as expelling it from her body), she can become anemic and lose consciousness or die. Sound waves at certain frequencies will prevent her from clotting her blood and render her vulnerable to physical attacks. Also very vulnerable to blood thinners and other substances injected directly into her bloodstream as there is no way to prevent it from circulating to all of her body.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: German
Appearance: Personality: Doesn't speak unless spoken to, usually staring out into space. It makes her a good listener though. She looks outwardly shy and is difficult to open up, but is very easy to tease and pick on because of how socially maladjusted she is. It's potentially dangerous since her mood swings between her usual withdrawn self to an irritable one that can easily attack you if you approach her too suddenly (before apologizing profusely). In a good mood, she's generally pleasant to have around since she likes being helpful where she can even though she isn't very expressive.
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Name: Nix Kenric McKay

Identity Name: Miracle

Birthday: 25 January

Power: Hard-Light Manipulation ; ability to harden light particles to form physical barriers or weapons to his choosing

Weakness: the power of his barriers and weaponry varies according to light source; in effect, if there's little to no light in the area, he's essentially useless. Prolonged usage of this ability also causes exhaustion, as light can go on forever and can be a hazard if left unchecked. Also easily overwhelmed by any Darkness-related powers.

Age: 29

Gender: male

Ethnicity: native American/Scottish mix


(apologies, this is his KH appearance, I'll replace this with an appropriate NMH appearance soon)

[Image: Ds1SfLgUUAIoVJ2.jpg]

Personality: VERY  optimistic and cheerful, although a bit shy. Nix is also a pacifist, always preferring a nonviolent way in solving conflicts and only resorting to force when there are no other options available. The crux of his personality -- his entire principle -- is to always help and protect others. Fueled by his abilities to create barriers and also his medical background, Nix is always on the ready to be of aid to anyone needing it when the time comes.


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  • Name: Giovani “Gio” Rodriguez
  • Identity Name: N/A
  • Birthday: April 20
  • Power: Fire Manipulation
  • Weakness: Water. Getting water on his body temporarily suppresses his ability to produces flames.
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic-American
  • Appearance: Light brown eyes, curly black hair that is short on the sides and long + poofy on the top. General attire consists of dark blue jeans, plain black shirt, and old Chucks. On his back is a large tattoo of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. There are three small green dot tattoos near the corner of his right eye. Bad scar on his right cheek from a knife fight in the past. Lean muscular build. 5’7
  • Personality: Loner type attitude often trying to keep to himself. Quick to anger and always desires to prove himself. This pride can really blind him. Retreatist attitude and stubborness affects his relationships with people. Despite all this deep down he has a sense that things can be better and that he can be too. 
  • Background: Child of illegal immigrants who came to the United States due to an ongoing civil war in their home country. Gio was raised in Los Angeles and was quickly involved in gang life in his youth. Gio discovered his powers when he was involved in a brawl with a rival gang. His gang (MS-13) saw how they could overpower their rivals and used Gio as their weapon. Gio’s parents were disappointed their son had started becoming a felon. They cut ties with him and moved somewhere unknown leaving Gio behind. Heartbroken and alone, he learned his lesson and decided to quit the gang too. The gang could not force him to stay due to his strength and left him to live his life alone and on the run.
  • Whereabouts: Captured when found committing a robbery, Gio was sent to the Special Rehabilitation Center to see if he would be able to change his ways.
  • Name: Raimundo “Rai” Gaucho
  • Identity Name: Garatinho 
  • Birthday: June 05
  • Power: Hyper Speed - Hypersonic levels of speed being able to exceed 10,000+ mph
  • Weakness: High speed but low stamina similar to a cheetah. Going beyond max speed drains energy massively. 
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Brazilian
  • Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, dark green eyes, and medium long brown wavy hair. General attire consists of oversized sweater, ripped jeans, and yeezys or other high brand shoes. Normally carries a relaxed face. Has a gold necklace with a precious jewel that he never shows. Lean toned build. 5’9
  • Personality: Go with the flow attitude and is mostly interested in making friends. Has always been concerned about people so is always willing to a give helping hand. He sees potential in everyone. His laid-back attitude does lead to trouble. A lot of times he won’t take matters seriously and can become lazy or irresponsible. When things get awkward you know he’ll be the one trying to crack a joke. Very indecisive and lacks leadership. He just goes along with whatever is “cool.”
  • Background: Youngest son of five of a wealthy business owner in Brazil. Parents seperated due to irreconciable differences but still receives family wealth due to his father feeling responsible. He was always told to be kind to anyone no matter what background since his father had come from a poor background. Raimundo discovered his powers early on when playing a soccer game as a child. He ran by te other kids with unimaginable speed. This surprised his father but this made him feel prouder for having a unique son. Rai soon became a recognized national treasure by the Brazilian government. Rai’s wish is that one day he can use his powers to help people.
  • Whereabouts: Being an important philanthropist of Brazil and being the most beloved boy of the entire country, Rai's father was able to get him into the heroes program fulfilling Rai's dream of becoming superhero. Rai has been put to training where he follows along veteran heroes as a sidekick while he slowly transitions into becoming a solo hero.

  • Name: Jay Lallana
  • Identity Name: N/A
  • Birthday: October 17
  • Power: Electricity Manipulation
  • Weakness: Overcharge - Producing massive amounts of electricty causes strain to his body as well being unable to create more electricity temporarily. 
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Appearance: Short blonde hair spiked to the right. Has very bright blue eyes. General attire is usually black skinny jeans, a white hoodie, and vans shoes. Eyes seem to always be wide open as if he never slept. Normally carries a crooked smile on his face. Lean toned built. 6,0
  • Personality: Mentally insane. Hurts other for pleasure and likes to treat these horrible acts as games. Intelligence is only at about a middle school level due to not being able to return to school. Desires to see others hurt for all the hurt caused to him. Reasoning is beyond him as his mental state has become simple and destructive.
  • Background: Small town boy from Oklahoma. Was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but parents never did anything to do it about since they didn’t believe in mental illnesses or symptoms. His powers were discovered when his powers caused the town to lose power. Scrutinized by the other townsfolk, Jay’s parents isolated him from the world and abused him treating him as some sort of demon child. Years of isolation, depression, and hurt cause Jay to grow angry inside until one day he “overcharged” causing his brain to fry. His mental state started to slowly deteoriate turning him manic, obsessive, and emotionally unstable. His parents were suddenly without a trace and so was Jay. No bodies were ever found.
  • Whereabouts: Currently held in the Special Rehabilitation Center's solitary confinement. He is monitored for long periods of time while being examined with extreme caution. 
Name: Ray "Doc" Wood
Birthday: oct. 10
Power: Biochemistry Manipulation
Weakness: More compacted what he needs to make the more time it takes (drugs may take less than a minute but replacing/repearing organs may take more time)
Ethnicity: American 
Appearance: He is 6"0 with blond hair. Tends to be in a nice hoodie.
Personality: Ray is quite smart and nice but he amoral. 
Background: Ray was razed by a underworld doctor that did teach him all he know of biochemistry and related topics. Ray did end up being a dealer and a doctor thanks to his powers. Ray was captured by the hero that he saved. He was given a choice rehabilitation or join the busters (Ray was given this choice despite being a criminal mostly because he saved or helped more than that one hero). He chose join the busters because he mostly because his life changes little form the roomers heard.
I will fine one later
After weeks of preparing for No More Heroes and reading the character registration thoroughly, here is a list of changes and recommendations needed before approval. If you have a character that does not fit the requirements listed in the template, then it will not be approved until it is met. Again, you can edit these profiles later once the story kicks in—but for now, basic information is needed.

Celeste Castillo, Marlene Hughes and Cernia Nieves are approved. 
Change: Unless Cernia and Marlene is part of Heroes Program or Special Task Force, they have no need for identity names.

@~ Z ~
Naolyn Mango and Zane Issa are approved.
Addition: Ryder will not be approved until you have the basic information filled out. Once you do that, I'll approved it.

Nix Kenric McKay are approved.
Addition: Nix Kenric McKay needs a background information.

Giovani “Gio” Rodriguez, Jay Lallana and Raimundo “Rai” Gaucho are approved.
Change/Addition: If Raimundo is part of the Heroes Program, he needs an identity name. Furthermore, add the whereabouts of Giovanni (remember, at least one character will be included in the Busters Organization), along with Jay being included in the Special Rehabilitation Center.

@meta knight 
Ray "Doc" Wood are approved.
Addition: Add information on his current whereabouts--either he's near the center or part of the Busters Organization.
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Okie dokie. I finished up Ryder's info so give it a check when you got time.  Thumbs
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There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
Finished writing Nix's background!
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