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BGC Newsletter Issue #3 - December 2018
[Image: Bk6N8iO.png]

Hi all,

We have another newsletter to discuss the latest news, changes, etc., on Boogaloo Crews (BGC). The purpose of releasing newsletters is getting the community, both old and new, involved in the process of pushing the site even further. We welcome any feedback and/or suggestions to better our forums and newsletters in the future.

Major General Website Changes/Works in Progress

It’s Christmas!

For the entire month of December, I have enabled the Christmas Lights and Snowstorm to celebrate the holidays! The Christmas lights are breakable by swiping your mouse near it and the snow can move to either direction by moving your mouse left or right. 
I would like to thank everyone for being so active on the forum and contributing as best as you can! Let us go onto the brand new year with more creativity, more artwork, and stories and all and all, build a bigger, strong community!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

- ShineCero

Quote:Daily Reminder: Site URL Changes: There were multiple reports of several users of not being able to log on, then able to get on just fine when they try again. This issue relates to the change of “http” to “https” after installing the auto-SSL certificate. An easy fix is to ensure that when you enter the site, you are using the https one:

Graphics Project

Throughout the month of December and January, the forum is undergoing new graphic updates to various things around the forum. It means new banners; new logo and updated award designs will be coming briefly bulk to reflect the refresher on the outlook of the forum.
  • The forum went through numerous logos throughout its history, but I finally decided that it times to have a more stable, permanent logo that is simple, straight to the point and best represent the nature of the forum. If you have wish to improve the logo, you are free to do so at your leisure.
  • Instead of constantly bugging users on creating graphic content, it is best to allow users to submit their own graphics based on the forum for usage purposes. Of course, you will get credit for your contributions.  
Banners in Progress
  • Welcome to Boogaloo Banner
  • New BGC Logo
  • Art Garden Banner
  • BoogaVerse Banner
  • Reality Vortex Banner
  • Role-Play Banner
  • Modern Inkers Banner
  • Discord Banner
  • YouTube Banner
  • Birthday Banner
  • Bob Ross/Sylvester Stallone Series Banner
  • Pokémon Cup Series Banner [Halloween, Christmas, Valentine Day, Legendary and Champion]
  • Super Smash Bros. Boogaloo Banner
New User Ranks in Progress
  • Member Rank
  • Super Member Rank
  • Master Member Rank
  • Ultra-Member Rank
Awards Update

In preparation for the New Year, majority of the awards will gain new looks, along with new requirements to obtain it. Furthermore, there is a revamp on the awards system on accomplishing awards; this is an attempt to boost activity and encourage people to bring in few new users. Of course, members will still keep majority of the earned awards from previous competitions/achievements. 
The following competitions, as the result of the new award system, will gains new ways:
  • Bob Ross Art Series and Sylvester Stallone Art Series 
  • Pokémon Cup Series
  • Dickens Essayists Series
Flex Slider replaced by Bx-Slider

There were some slight issues with the Flex Slider; whenever more content added on, the circles do not function correctly the way it should. Thus, it will revert to the Bx-Slider for more stability; of course, this means the captions disappeared for now.

The Possible Return of Birthday Threads

Earlier this year, we have removed the possibilities of birthday threads because it proven too heavy for a load to consistently makes birthdays for all members (especially inactive ones). However, Birthday Threads might make a possible return, starting next month, as a singular thread, which recounts all the birthdays each month. The appearance will look like this:
  • Username [Link]
  • Picture
  • Message: On this day, it is the birth of [username]! Come and send awesome birthday messages to [username]!
  • The Birthday Thread [Name Pending] will be a record for all birthday threads, and it might include inactive ones. This idea is still in consideration phase; however, so let us know if it is a good idea!
New Member Ranks and Promotion

Starting next month, a new promotion system will kick into high gear; whereas, based upon users’ activity, they will get an automatic promotion. Instinct Members will have custom-made user ranks of their choosing!
  • Member: 1 Star
  • Super Member: 2 Stars
  • Master Member: 3 Stars
  • Ultra-Member: 4 Stars
  • Instinct Member: 5 Stars; Hardest level to achieved.

Competition Upcoming Events

Pokémon Cup Series, Christmas Bash! This is an competition where you can build a Christmas Theme Pokémon Team! There are three stages (each one with different formats), that gives you different awards (Second and Third Chance Awards)! The event will begin on 17 and ends on 21st! 

Forum Statistics

Monthly Activity Data as of December 14 2018
  • Posts per day: 41.18
  • Threads per day: 0.99
  • Members per day: 0.06
  • Posts per member: 666.51
  •  Threads per member: 15.96
  • Replies per thread: 40.76
Top Five Most Popular Threads
  • Count to Infinity (80,000 views)
  • The Post-Count Thread (60,617 views)
  • DBZ: Anomalous Past for the Future (52,571 views)
  • What Grinds Your Gears? (49,751 views)
  • The Reality Vortex (47,165 views)
Top Five Most Replied Threads
  • Count to Infinity (2,165 replies)
  • The Post-Count Thread (1,687 replies)
  • What Grinds Your Gears? (1,570 replies)
  • The Reality Vortex (1,437 replies)
  • The Random Thread (1,195 replies)
  • Posts: 49,322
  • Threads: 1,181
  • Members: 74
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