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Games you want but don't exist (yet)
Just like it says on the tin, this is a bit of an easier discussion thread where people can post their ideas of what they would like to see make it onto the market as a game eventually, but have not seen yet. However, this is also the opportunity for others to recommend posters titles that may fit the bill (or at least give them something to satisfy their request until the fateful day comes). After all, not everyone knows about every title on the market! And even if these titles are on obsolete consoles and can't be obtained via ROMs or online digital download from console stores, youtube's always got a decent archive of these playthroughs.

I'll start with my own wish that twitter reminded me of wanting: so far the post-apocalyptic game market has been saturated with gritty games based on fighting violent humans amidst spoopy monsters and zolmbies (among Telltale style storylines...), but little variety beyond that. Fallout doesn't quite suit what I'm looking for either. But I would like to see a customizable life sim ala Animal Crossing except instead of a chibi, you're a fullsized human living among others in a post-apocalyptic radioactive wasteland. Maybe online, maybe not, but not mandatory pvp (we already have enough of that anyway). Kind of an open-world, sandbox thing where you can customize how you look with a lot of wardrobe (and different gas mask/equipment options). Help your other friends scavenge and catch food, maybe raise some mutated rabbits or dogs, even discover new species of mutant animals. Idk, it just sounds more appealing to me to decorate my hollowed-out room of the abandoned subway or empty ramshackle suburban house while working and helping out some nice peeps with growing stuff to help rebuild society. Even side quests with gathering sunflower seeds (I read once that they are being studied for their capability to remove nuclear waste from the soil and return it to a healthy composition for human use) or something like that. Relaxing, but still interesting because of the apocalyptic sci-fi flavor.

Anyway I'd love to hear other people's ideas for what they'd like to see in a viddy game one day if they feel it hasn't been met yet.
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A Splinter Cell and MGS crossover, based off this video:
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A Sonic game that takes itself seriously and doesn't make the viewer roll their eyes at the plot.

Predating Colors.
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Mysterious Summons: Malefor, Rex Marksley.
An actual sequel to Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits instead of whatever End of Darkness ended up being.
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A full remaster of Drakengard given the same love that Nier Automata got for development
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A Transformers game, but make it complex and deep in lore, and where your actions will lead to certain plot points in the with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Essentially I want a Transformers game with the same mechanics as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. pl e a se
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