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Hi everyone!!
After disappearing for a long time from another unnamed site I'm back! I used to go by Shana because of my obsession over Shakugan no Shana which has since ended like a million years ago. Ya'll can call me Mell or Shana! I'm 22 (almost 23!) in SoCal. Currently married to a weeb. My favorite anime are Madoka Magica, Zombieland Saga, and Revue Starlight. I have really weird taste in anime so ask if I've watched it cause I probably have. I also cosplay and travel to lots of local cons in SoCal! I hope some of you remember me from all these years back. Let's make more memories together
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> Zombieland Saga

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Hey Shana! Man, it's a blast from the past seeing you around! I use to go by many names (like Shineman and Negative) Kat

Awesome to hear that you travel around alot! I never been on myself despite living in SoCal all my life xD

Glad you join and I hope you have some awesome fun here! We have a dedicated anime section right here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask people with green or blue colored names

Also! Merry Christmas!  Baaa
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If you ever end up at a con just lmk and I'll hook you up with the best tour around Cool Glad to see an anime section where I can talk about my amazing taste in anime! Hope to see some old and new faces around!
Hey Shana! Fancy meeting you here! Welcome to Boogaloo! Having you as a new member is like a present to Boogaloo itself! We all appreciate you taking time to come and visit us. We would love to hear the list of animes you've watched, so educate us, peasants. xDD

All jokes aside, it's nice to have you here! We hope you enjoy your stay and have a ton of fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the nerds with Green names or Blue names.
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Hewwo Shana!! I'm so glad you're here also! Welcome to the forums and hope you'll have a great time here!
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I'm not sure if you were around when I popped in circa 2011, but I was friends with Sukichu and Kanoke if you remember them! And a lot of other buds, we've gotten plenty of old friends around who pop in now and then. I wonder what you haven't watched so far haha, my taste is kind of all pver the place honestly (I need to update my watch list...)

I'm still the same user from there if my name rings any bell... I just took the 11 off Lmao

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions, just ask! :3
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Oh I remember you and Sukichu (who I still have contact in since we're fb buds!!) and I remember Kanoke! Was the 11 your age?? teehee  teehee Since everyone is interested in my taste here is a list of a few favs from the past couple of years-
Bunny Girl Senpai
Revue Starlight
Love Live 
Houseki No Kuni
Dragon Maid 

I forgot to mention while I went MIA I also sold in Artist Alley's at anime cons in both California and Nevada (including Anime Expo) for about 4 years. I have since went on hiatus but if anyone is interested in getting involved in selling art at conventions please feel free to message me!
Not 11, but that wasn't far off the mark tbh... I think I just turned 14 around then so you were very close in your guess. Lmao  But I'm 21 now so that makes you my s͍̬̻͠ȩ̲n̹͟p͖͇̭̫̹̱a͔i͏̼̭̣ maybe

I have thought about watching Houseki no Kuni, it looks very pretty and I like the animation style too
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Heyy Shana nice to see you here!! Not sure if you still remember me but I used to go by the name Pinkeyy! xD

Also yaas I loved Houseki no Kuni and Zombieland Saga!
Anyways I'm really glad to see another familiar face and I hope you'll enjoy your stay!  Awesome
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I remember you!! My noggin is having to really think back to my ultra cringe days (I'm still the same though oops)

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