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Your New Years Resolution in 2019
It's a new year, so what are your resolutions for 2019? Wagh
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I plan to hopefully make a comic within the year. My goal is to hopefully make a full comic page every week or two.

The two comics I want to attempt is Black Diamond and Kire's Trilogy. Maybe people can vote? xDD
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Make a and post it to discord! That's what I can think up anyway

I have a lot compared to last year (actually, I don't think I had any last year...)

In terms of art, my resolutions are:
  • Learn to draw scenes, rather than static pictures or simple backgrounds consisting of a solid color. This requires me to learn how to draw backgrounds too, but I'm ready to do the work.
  • Draw food. I absolutely love looking at drawn food, so why not try it myself? It's the more fun side of still life anyway.
  • Post more about my OCs! It's no fun just posting random drawings of them, so I've resolved to making character sheets that have basic information about them. I have lots of OCs, but only 3 projects in reality. One is a secret project, but I will publish what I can that doesn't spoil the story I'm making.
  • I don't want to begin a webcomic or an entire adapted comic because that simply demands too much of what I don't have. Instead I wanna do simple 3-4 page ones of my OCs so people can get to know them without having to read chapters or things like that. I haven't gone back to drawing comics after my second year of high school but I think I have observed enough to put what I have seen into practice. Basically, I want people to really know my OCs next year!
  • Start drawing/designing outfits. I love fashion a lot but I've always been afraid to try my hand at drawing just clothes. (It's also just a good idea in general to understand fabric physics)
  • Post more works in progress/sketches. I've grown to resent my art and productivity because I ended up developing a self-destructive habit of curating my art to the point I only want to publish/show polished and finished artwork. It also kind of sucks that online artists feel the need to give off the impression we're these intimidating art-pumping machines to stand out when the reality is we're just TOO picky with what we make.
And if all goes well, then maybe, JUST maybe, I'll try to draw guys more often. Big if. Girls are cute. I like drawing pretty girls more (sorry boys).

Outside of art, my only resolutions are to actually keep my room tidy and stop trying to base my self worth on what others think of me.
  • Keep my house clean.
    Pay more attention to my dogs.
  • Actually start writing something on a bi-weekly basis. Goal: Don't miss an upload date.
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-try to keep my fanfics running. I usually do two at a time, so I don't get bored typing one story, and my writing doesn't suffer from getting bored with the storytelling as time goes on.

-along with keeping them running, I need to FRIGGIN POST THE ONES I KEEP TO MYSELF DAMMIT. I mainly keep some under wraps, because I guess I'm afraid that people won't like them as much as my other stories. And as I try and type more of it, something in my brain goes 'No one's gunna like this. Just stop typing it', and stupidly, I listen to it. I need to stop listening to it, and just post the damn thing

-finish my oneshot that has been sitting in my Google Docs for months untouched, mainly because I get mad at how long it is (I know, stupid, but :/) and I just want it done, and I end up not typing it. I need to finish it and upload it, dammit!

-start getting my life together, which I've actually started doing a lot of. I've started to take care of myself more. I've been using makeup more recently, and I'm genuinely happy about how things are turning around for me, if I just keep at it

-practice my art more. I want to draw more things, and get frustrated when my mind says 'ART!' and my art doesn't want to art. I just need to keep at it, and keep going, and I think I can accomplish stuff.

-bake and cook a lot more things, and start filling up my second Tumblr blog, Unbirthday Baking. I wanted something Alice and Wonderland related, but Alice and the Mad Batter and The Queen of Tarts were already taken. I like Unbirthday Baking quite a bit, though!

And, those are my resolutions for 2019. Of course I also have the standard 'Lose some weight' resolution, but, I guess another resolution is 'Try and just accept myself the way I am. If I lose weight, great. If I don't, who gives a damn?' But, that one is taking a lot more time than I would care to admit at this point. It'll be hard, but again, I just gotta keep at it, y'know?
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General resolutions: 

- keep organized; have a timetable and a planner, and stick to it as closely as possible
- be kinder to myself ; no self-depreciating jokes, choose battles wisely, be less harsh on myself when I screw up
- be more civil when engaging in debate/discourse. learn to drop and leave when things get too heated.

Art resolutions:

- make comics!
- draw more backgrounds
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Here's my resolutions!
  • Finally start on No More Heroes (Novel) and Good Days (Comic)
  • Attempt to finished off an fanfic idea I have going on for a while. I'm planning on releasing a chapter of the fanfic next month, and do a bi-weekly release.
  • Finished Devil's Dishonor's review.
  • Start drawing weekly; no excuses!
  • Be Healthy
  • Increased my activity on the RPGs without much delay
  • Become a better coder Wagh 
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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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I know I haven't been keeping up with my 2019 resolution but I've been noticing that I have a passion for coding and make stuff with the code. One of the things I made was a 'chat' between you and the machine. Perhaps I can continue pushing more codes out and adding that to my new year's resolution. Here are a few more.
  • I would love to visit Shine again during the summer.
  • I would love to finish most of my classes to earn a certificate for Computer Programming in Business Applications or Website Development.
  • Get more credits for my B.S/B.A degree in Computer Science, specializing in making codes for programs or developing codes for games or software. 
  • Get my own car.
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