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(A fantasy/sci-fi AU for the Dragon Ball series)
Part I: The Trial of Heroes


Approximately one thousand years ago, an unknown entity had caused havoc to the universe, destroying everything including the Other World, the universes, and all that connects to it- except for the legendary warrior, Son Goku, the deities Zeno, Beerus and the Supreme Kai of Time, the Angel Whis, and the Super Dragon Balls. With the help of the Super Shenron, Goku was able to have every being reborn make the whole universe start anew - but as a result, the Shenron had given more than what his powers allowed, and vanished from the face of the world. Goku, on the other hand, was reborn - as are all his enemies and allies, but at a price most terrible: none of them will ever remember him, or what he would mean to them. Goku was also reborn with his memories & knowledge intact, and was given the task to investigate the being responsible for destroying the old Universes.

Thanks to that, the universe was reborn anew. Many past enemies are reborn as good people (with the exception of a few), and the new world oversaw the rise and fall of whole civilizations throughout the galaxies; its most glorious one yet being the birth and rise of Tytania, a kingdom run by the rough but noble Saiyans. Magic, alchemy and weapons are now more widely used, but there are still those who remember and uphold the ancient ways of martial arts and the usage of Ki. 

However, an unknown evil lurks the prosperous land, seeking nothing more than gain the power that had destroyed the past evil - and use it to their own twisted advantages. With new powers and new adventures, it's up to Goku and his (reconnected) friends and allies to ensure that this last universe remains safe and protected.


Alternate Universe/Fantasy/Sci-fi


I've had this AU since I was 14. It's been 13 (it will be 14 considering I turn 27 this year) years now, and this AU has seen numerous expansions and revisions as I add in new stuff to it; it used to just be an AU that's highly influenced by Final Fantasy, but somewhere down the line I discovered Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger, and made a LOT of revisions based on those two games, their lore and world building, and try to make them as cohesive to the Dragon Ball universe as possible. Down the line, there was also Dragon Ball Super, Heroes and Xenoverse to consider -- all of these provide me with a lot of information and new characters to add to and fit into this very extensive AU.

This AU's seen about three attempts at roleplay and one fanfiction that never got past the third chapter before it was somewhat lost for good, and numerous first-draft comics that never saw the light of day. Over the years, I've also lost a lot of notes and worldbuilding I've done up until 2009. I kind of regret not keeping them all in one place, but the good thing about this at least is that I can now build up on this AU with the knowledge and experience I've gotten over time also. 

If you have any commentary/suggestions, or just want to say you like the story, you can do so in this thread!


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Whatever you might have known about us, and what we had been, the fights we've fought and the destinies we carved for ourselves -- forget it. That's old history, history long erased when this new universe was created. We're not who we used to be any more. Now our paths are leading into new destinies and new adventures -- adventures that even I never thought I'd embark on. 

My old story is a bedtime story told to kids aspiring to be heroes now. But I know everything about it is true. Let the old man that took care of me tell you that story of mine now.

My name is Goku. This is how it all began.

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Notes: A special thanks to @Grey Star  and @Panich for helping me beta read this chapter! Please let me know what you think of this chapter and what you'd like to see next in the review thread! I apologize that it's very long, I wanted to establish the setting of Tytania in particular in this chapter so people can have a better idea of what kind of world this story is set in.

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