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Panich's Art Thread
Hey Guys! And welcome to my art thread! I'm a bit slow when it comes to the art game but I promise I have art to show! And if you'd like You can find me on a few other platforms that I post art to listed below.

So first I've Kinda been obsessed with some ocs of mine for One piece, so let's start with all that mess  Tongue
Some wanted posters for said one piece ocs (Incoming some big files)

Some silly stuff of them (based on some memes if you cant tell already XD)

And for old times sake, a couple Panich doodles (Feat. Bage)
Love your art!!! I think I should watch One Piece to think up some nice Pirate OCs. I recently got a tablet so I hope I can shade and color as you can. I can't wait for you to drop more drawings in here! I should probably make an OC in that "Wanted Dead or Alive" thing. xDD
[Image: t07N5Zq.gif]

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My favorite of the OP posters is probably Sid's. The fur and skull motif just looks badass! They're all very distinctive and I can at least have a glimpse at their personalities from it too (a nice change from the usual static bust shot you find in wanted posters)

Btw you have such crisp lineart! I dig the coloring too

Hope to see more of Panich and Bage soon...  Eyeballs
I'll give you a follow on twitter later today!
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Loving all of your art! I particularly like that comic because that's a whole mood 
[Image: R4AmrKN.png]
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☆ Graphics requests: OPEN 
Thanks guys! and to Z, I recommend one piece highly, not just because I'm biased, but honestly really good!! 
And for Loopy~ >v> wish granted! Because I come bearing arts both new and old!

First, some dbz pics, Bage has a minimal hair change nothin changing too much from his old hair other than a few strands pokin' out. And the second is of my other saiyan character Illuac, a guardian to a god (Gonna leave it at that for now cause he gonna go through some changes) and last but not least some drawings of Panich in an updated outfit (Honestly the last one will be good template for her many transformations)
Next up are some OP oc drawings
The first is of my oc Dion, who has a devil fruit with a mind of its own. He has the mind mind fruit: model image or just the image image fruit which allows him to create objects out of thin air, and somehow, he was able to give his imaginary friend Tomo a body. No one can see him except a few who have a special ability. (The other three are a more clear image of Tomo without all that extra XD)

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