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What are your plans after graduating from college?
After you received your degree, regardless of what it is, what is your plan afterwards? Keep going to school to earn another degree, moved onto a different field altogether or jumped straight into the workforce?
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Hopefully, after I get my second degree, I move out to California where I can live with Shine. I plan to move to California either way because what I want to study/work as a programmer/coder and there are more job offers over there than Florida. I also want to get out of where I live since I don't like it a lot. 

If all works out, I will work on a game/show that features my character Kire because its always been my dream to have others see his story as I see it.
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Hopefully I'll have enough money left over from saving from my part time job to be able to go onto get a master's degree so I can then have a bachelor's degree I can use to get a job, and then a master's I can use to get the job I really want.

At some point I hope to publish a few novels and see if I can cultivate a fanbase.
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