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Why a new thread you ask!? Well, the current one is 4 years old and I want to have a fresh space to post my new art in and be easily able to look at it once the year is up: that way I have a way to see how much I've progressed in one year compared to four. One of my resolutions was to grow my artistic skills by doing all kinds of things to go out of my comfort zone so this is a big step forward. I'll still leave the old one up, but I think I'll just close the thread and naturally let it fall to the bottom since it has too much meaningful content to deserve getting stuffed into the old graveyard.

While I'll post art for basically anything I make, I also plan to showcase drawings for some projects I've got going on:

I guess i'll start by posting all the new stuff I've drawn this year and anything I finished late December:

Since I enjoy designing OCs, I've often been using the PastelGirl dressup app to make the designs, and this one is one of my favorites atm. At the time I finished this, I didn't know what to call her, but I'm going to go with Noelle. She's a vampire bat girl (not TOO batty, because she only really has the fangs, wings, and pointy ears). This was one of the drawings I neglected to flip the canvas for while fixing the sketch, so don't look at it horizontally flipped. Though that is also partly due to her haircut probably giving off the illusion of an error...

I'm a big fan of Dororo's 2019 anime, and I was throwing around some cute AU ideas with others in the Dororo fan-Discord server when we came up with cute ideas for the characters if they were in animal crossing... so I designed Hyakkimaru as a Wolf. Dororo will get a mouse design soon enough while Hyakki's brother Tahomaru will get a different wolf design.

Fanart of Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain. It's a weird show but I think it's pretty interesting trying to piece together everything and watch the next episode tear your working interpretation completely apart. The show makes little sense to me storywise atm but I do understand the different questions about technology and humanity that it poses. I've been kind of on a kick with 90s anime/manga that didn't take off til decades later these days.
Also, the art style makes Lain have a big head with a lot of space around her nose and mouth so I tried to make it look like her as much as possible. When she looks directly at the camera with her big eyes in episode 1, it kinda creeped me out with how vacant her stare looked, which is why she doesn't look too expressive here. I find her eyes kind of creepy in general for some reason. Neutral 

My entry for the Lunar comp actually is a lot of layers, but I wanted to post my progress sketches that led to the final product.

Sketch, cleaned up a bit but still rough:
So for any potential questions:
  • I do not thumbnail my drawings for fullbody art like this; time and again I attempt it and usually I don't get anywhere when trying to take that teeny sketch and somehow work it out to full size. Instead I tend to sketch out VERY ROUGH skeletons consisting of circles and lines for basic skeleton/joint placement using a marker tool, which I usually erase after I make the actual rough sketch on a layer on top. But you can spot some here and there. That isn't to say thumbnailing is not useful, as it works for lots of people! It just doesn't work for me. So I do.... anti-thumbnails. lol! But I did use references for some parts of the posing.
  • There are different colors because my brain cannot process which lines are going where during the linework if the sketch is entirely in one color. Gray was used for the chest and head, but as I refined details and finalized the design, I changed from blue to green.
  • The other hand is hidden cause I got lazy. ya got me
Lineart + flat color (torture):
Finished product, high resolution:
Here is where I added the effects. Tbh I go on autopilot here and just kinda let my brain do the work while I space out.
I've never been very good at pattern design like the kinds you see on intricate robes, so I kept it simple while trying to make something original. The main inspirations for some of the design choices were of the concept art of Zhuque Mercy and Baihu Genji by Qiu Fang. I wanted to do the neat spirit seal thing like the skins have so I eyeballed the Baihu symbol that was on Genji's armor.
My entry looks blurrier than this because apparently Imgur resizes any pngs to jpg if they're above 5 MB

now to end this colossal post with some WiPs:
[Image: unknown.png]
Olivia makin' cookies... for WHOM!?!?!! I've been working on it very slowly over the last few months but I'm currently stuck on the kitchen cabinets.... hgggg

[Image: RDN0lKJ.png]
currently redesigning Celeste... hehe

And last but not least...
[Image: Ut0Ydbg.png]
In the process of finishing Cielo's character sheet... I kinda already have a default outfit for her, but it's basically a skintight longsleeve (the kinds you get from exercise wear but... cooler) under one of those zipperless hooded jackets. I might just do a different one to make it look more interesting but idk. Her color palette is generally varying shades of gray, but she also has zero sense of fashion. lol
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I want Olivia to make me cookies! I LOVE COOKIES! However, for the first time, I think I have one drawing I like above the Olivia one: CELESTE. I love the sketch and her fuzzy coat. She looks ready to sass but, truth be told, I really like her expression. I can't put my finger on it...

All the others are great too! I demand more or I will never give you the true Blue Belle ending. B|
[Image: wnC6dlU.png]

There are two versions of Tatsumaki: Shine's version and Z's version.
I really like your competition entry! Design looks awesome! And neat idea to use different colors for different parts.. that’s so helpful when drawing on layers! Maybe I should try that myself xD

Keep up the good work Loopy! It’s super fun to see everyone steadily improving on their art!
[Image: A525k87.png]
Thank y'all for your feedback! I tend to forget to respond to replies when I post in my own thread, I PROMISE I'll be more consistent about replying ;; I'll attempt to finish that Celeste sketch someday...

It's been a rough 6 months for me and drawing art has been severely limited time for me to use as a form of unwinding. Now I've got my things back in order so I can start clearing out sketches from eons ago...

I warmed up by coloring/finishing some old doodles I got sick of seeing floating in my folder... these are between a few months to literal years old, but I brushed them up and just went with flat colors.

A doodle of BlackWatch Moira (OverWatch) I did for practice cuz I like her design a lot... not sure if the nose and lips came out right but it was my first go and I just decided to color it and call it my warm-up

An old sketch of my OC Asuza from 2017 I lined in 2018, then colored tonight for a fast warm-up. Can you tell I didn't really give a shit about the shading?  Kat Prone I hated the mouth, so I fixed it up a bit first... me likey.

I was in a mood to draw my alien cyclops Mioi, so I went with a silly thing for a quick thing I did while I was coloring the piece that I actually didn't line until last night (but I sketched out around late July).

I call it Mioi's Words of Wisdom... mostly inspired by the Sailor Moon Says segment in the DiC dub for Sailor Moon.

[Image: 9PXutDr.png]You get a cookie if you recognize the reference.... btw, here is a blank version!
Now that all that cute stuff is shown off, I can finish this post with the piece I was hugely motivated to make after I watched the 1976 Carrie movie. For those who don't know what that cult favorite is, it's basically a Stephen King movie about a girl who can use telekinesis but is an outcast at her high school and is bullied by literally everyone. When she gets her first period, she freaks out and all the girls in the locker room throw pads and tampons at her while mocking her ("plug it up Carrie")... and then the gym teacher forces all the girls to do detention PE or forfeit their prom tickets. One girl hated Carrie so much for it, she basically plots with her boyfriend to get a big bucket of pig's blood and dump it over her after rigging the ballots so that Carrie is elected Prom Queen.

Just so you get the full context of the piece (and the video I had on loop), I made this piece specifically focused on Carrie's inner psych-out which occurs at 1:03 in this video... Her mom's words looping in her head overlaid with the laughter... it's the best. I FELT THAT. So I hope my piece conveys at least a little bit of this scene before Carrie decides to kill everyone. lol Carrie is very cheesy, but the 1976 one is the best imo. All the cult films we love today are pretty cheesy lol

and for EVEN MOAR RED...
Carrie White said "fuck them kids."
Whoa Carrie drawings are really good! Like i can really feel her emotions, also her story is pretty sad?! Stephen Kings stories are messed up. XD
And your use of colors is really good too! Shading is so hard I feel u on that one. T^T

But im glad you have the time to draw more again! Cant wait to see new stuff from you! Keep it up!
[Image: A525k87.png]
Thanks so much Pinks! Carrie is very sad, especially the ending... and apparently in the book she straight-up destroys the entire town after the prank!? Absolutely wild... I'm definitely gonna read the book when I get the chance to check it out from my library tbh.

I had a lot of fun with the Carrie drawing but I think the hardest part was figuring out what I wanted to do for her pose and hands... and the blood placement. Funny enough I didn't have to actually shade her because the blood basically did most of the work for me + I included the spotlight on luminosity so I could just focus on bringing out the red. I watched that scene so many times JUST to get the blood placement right and draw out the stage. Apparently NO standalone pictures of the set exist online so I had to kind of take some creative liberties.

Figuring out her expression was my favorite part because the original Carrie's performance stood out precisely because of how terrifying her stare was - but she didn't look angry enough to me, so I wanted her to look like she actually snapped lol. I think leaving out the mouth helped pull it off but man was it hard coloring her face into a shadow on Shade without blacking out the eyelashes. I'm quite happy with the result though, so maybe I'll try a different horror movie scene down the line since it's so fun!

ETA: I made this picture a month ago, but I edited it down a bit so that she isn't too drowned out by the highlights I made.
Meet my Boogaverse OC Okawa! She's got a detailed profile in my RP characters thread, but here are some basic things about her:
  • She's a witch with lots of experience in the field
  • mom friend
  • Was a former mentor for Asuza (my other witch OC in the prev post)
  • Has a familiar named Sayer who's basically a ghostly raven she met while hangin out at a graveyard
  • Also is friends with a few other witches of nobility in the universe I'm making for Asuza.
  • She does the "ohoho" anime laugh, but it's more refined and NOT the kind the annoying types tend to do really loudly

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