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Loopy's Art Tomb
(05-03-2020, 02:23 PM)LoopyPanda Wrote:
(05-03-2020, 01:00 PM)ShineCero Wrote: Liking a lot of these content you have posted, especially Takano (didn't even realized that she had mitten hands. That cracked me up). 

I'm not getting the reference for the "turned myself a pickle" thing, aside from Pickle Rick? Racking my brain over this honestly, haha. But still, Mioi is there, so me likey.

Hahaha, yeah it is Pickle Rick. There was a weird meme that went around of different characters/image macros with the text "I kid you not, he turned himself into a pickle! Funniest shit I've ever seen"... there's also ones that start with the character explaining who Rick is and that he turned himself into a pickle. I don't quite understand why this meme returned in such a format but my interpretation of it is that it's meant to reference the mixed response that Pickle Rick episode got. I figured Mioi would be the 1 person who actually thought it was funny xd

But thank you, I'll see if I can get my tablet driver to work later today and see if my hands remember how to draw lmao

Huh, that's a strange way for the episode to get a new reference lol. Nevertheless, it looks really damn good! Keep it up!
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Finally able to update this thread lmao. I'm slowly churning through all my WIPs while figuring out some design concepts for newer characters rn, but for now have these!!!

My take on Berserk (evil Blossom) from the Powerpunk Girls, featured in the Powerpuff comic Deja View! I love PPNK more than the Rowdyruffs, so I decided to design this cutie first while retaining major design details (I've never been able to make head nor tails of how blossom wears a headband AND a barette...)
She will appear in the Reality Vortex RP when the time comes ;]

Some bits/headcanons I had about her for a while now:
  • She's the commander of the Powerpunks.
  • Mean and crazy BITCH
  • Her weapon if any would be a sword, but I wanted to give her a whip sword like Renji's sword Zabimaru. I wanted to see if I could make it look like it was made of a special material by Oppressor Plutonium, but the cybertech look was... ugli. He and Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica both have collapsible weapons to use as blunt damage, so I'm taking that as a trend of hotheaded anime people using unconventional weaponry like this that defy science
  • Her ribbons are prehensile. Probably her hair too. Don't get too close.
  • Her style is prep goth or prep punk, haven't decided yet
I plan to design her sisters Brat (evil Bubbles) and Brute (evil Buttercup), but for now here's a doodle:
Aaaaand, I finished this drawing of my OC band!
  • She is bandmate of Nemesis and is a backup vocalist. She can play the piano/keyboard. She, Nemesis, and Eris with some others form a metal band of the Underworld.
  • Hypnos' singing voice is so soothing people fall asleep, so her solos are mostly ballads and melancholic songs that serve as palette-cleansers between the songs where Nemesis is screeching death metal. Does duets with Eris.
  • Sleepy 24/7 and never keeps her hair out of her eyes.
would you simp for her?.... I would  Pensive

hopefully I have more tomorrow, enjoy

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