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Lunar New Year Festival 2019!
Happy Lunar New Year!
Although Chinese New Year was February 5th, the festivities don't have to end there!
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For the month of February, our Bob Ross competition will be centered around celebrating the Lunar New Year with festive illustrations among the vibrant fireworks, lanterns, and mighty dragons that stream across the sky as the new moon is born!

There are many ways for you to welcome the new year through art, and the possibilities are endless:
2019 is year of the Pig, so the Chinese Zodiac can be a core theme to your piece.
Additionally, there are the four legendary symbols of the Chinese Constellations: the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Turtle of the North, and the Azure Dragon of the East
There are even more elements of the Lunar New Year to research than these (this is merely surface level for brevity's sake), so please feel free to search for inspiration to your heart's content!

You can draw fanart, OCs, animals, traditional illustrations, ANY subject or medium so long as it has elements of Chinese/Lunar New Year as part of its core theme! This is the opportunity to let your creative freedom shine!

Participants have until the end of February (Feb 28 by ~11:59 p.m. CST) to complete and post their artwork: please use the imgur button located at the right of your post's UI to upload it directly from your computer without worry of compression.
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Awesome! I have a good idea of what to draw for this competition!  heehee
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Count me in! I got a couple ideas for this and I've been itching to boot up my brain again. I've been on drawing block lately, so this might spark me back!
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