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What are things that prevent you from finishing a book?
After taking a course of libraries and different genres, I was exposed to different people's reasoning for outright reading an entire genre of books because of tropes, cliches and themes. Here, I want to be more specific. What are things that authors do that prevents you from actually finishing a book? Whereas, the book had a strong opening, but somewhere along the line, you noticed something was off and stops you from finishing it.
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In general:

  1. Long stretches of boredom or nothing interesting happening. I don't see a point in continuing to read if the recent stuff has been boring and thus I expect it to continue to be boring.
  2. The book feels like it ended but there's still more to go. I ran into this with the last part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Frodo destroys the One Ring, Sauron is reduced to a spirit that's still present but can't influence Middle Earth anymore. And yet we have several more chapters of epilogue. And basically a three chapter long appendix just for world building. I skimmed the last chapters and completely ignored the appendix, despite having read it for all of the other books.
  3. The author does something completely disgusting. Reading "Truth and Ideas" and uh, there's a scene of a 17 year old doing "something interesting" in the shower. And I'm told that Archive of our Own will dual-host the fic for sexual reasons. I almost threw down my phone in response. Almost.
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