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BoogaVerse Art Project
[Image: 7J3BuNo.png]

A community-driven project that involves all artists from diverse backgrounds to have their take on bringing the life of BoogaVerse through different styles and medium. You draw all different kinds of original characters and diverse environments (cities, towns, mountains and landscapes). This is an attempt to bring out the latent abilities of artists and have their take on the interpretation of these rich characters in the colorful world of BoogaVerse.

How does it works?

I was thinking that I could assigned a character/environment to someone and they have at it—this to ensure that someone is at least working on it, and once they’re done with that, they can be assigned to another character. You draw these characters/environments based on the description provided for them—but you can place them in any post of your likeness.

You can use anything in your disposal for this challenge to create your piece. Whether traditional or digital, there is no strict regulations of how big your canvas needs. Although, for environmental works, an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920x1080, 3840x2160, etc.). If you're using traditional work, you can deviate from the aspect ratio. It would be preferable if its in color (but black and white is totally fine!).

You simply just post here and ask for an assign character (once you place what you’re comfortable with). If you’re up for a tougher challenge for yourself, simply ask for something outside your comfort zone.

What if I’m not comfortable with [insert concept here]?

You can make a list of what you are comfortable of drawing [i.e. only comfortable drawing females/males, animals, etc.]. I do encourage you to broaden your comfort zone and take on tasks you are not used to drawing—once again, you can draw them in your style based on the descriptions offered for these characters.

Can I invite other artists to join this project?

Yes! They can participate in the project as well! They just need to register so they can be properly credited! 

The Big Picture

At the end, there will be a collage of all drawings drawn by different artist into one, gigantic picture, each credit from different artists. This will be posted on Twitter (or perhaps another image hosting site if the image proves to be too big)!
[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

Death Hurts

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First one down!
I’m for now focusing on characters that have already been drawn once before cuz i suck at just following written descriptions xD
[Image: gO8fQoF.png]
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Our first entry! Thanks for drawing this, Ploep! It looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully to see more of you for this project!  SunMan
[Image: JVqTWoz.png]

Death Hurts

Artwork: My Art
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OMG your drawing of Kiki came out really well Pinks! The design translates so nicely into your style, so I smashed that mf like button

I finally got my tablet/art programs sorted out on the technical side, so I guess I'd be ready to tackle one assignment or two when all the details are totally finalized, but I'd like to throw some suggestions in to diversify what might be part of the project!!

Wanted Posters: I remember tossing the idea out on discord and got fairly positive reception about it, so why not incorporate that into the project for all the villains/player characters who have a track record of being a roaming enemy? I don't mind making the poster template myself, I just need a general list of things to stick to it.

I was also thinking of outfit design!! This might be an easier task for an artist to take because for some of us, we can have the face and hairstyle of the OC figured out, but not their outfit since designing a good outfit can be pretty difficult (or we have some idea of what should be drawn but no reference available other than a verbal description). Course, that's just popped in my head.

And since I'm already here, I may as well kill two birds with one stone in what my preferences are:
  • Females only for me pls. This is non-negotiable (I can do fuzzy animal parts on them too)
  • Environments/furniture assets: while I'm not super good at it, I'd like to try!
  • Monsters OK (cute OR scary!)
  • Animals n' anything else, I'll try
I don't have issue working without a visual reference btw
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