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Summer Anime 2019 Discussion
Any noteworthy series ya'll gonna follow? Summer seems a bit bland to me right now.. but I havent done much research yet. XD
AniChart Summer 2019
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Eventhough this season has only a few that stand out, adding them to the still ongoing animes from last season I have a pretty solid lost of animes I:m watching!

Previous Season that are still ongoing:
- Fruits Basket
- Kimetsu no Yaiba
- Carole & Tuesday

Those three managed to keep my interest previous season.. I dropped a lot of series there lol.

New season to keep an eye on:
- Enen no Shoubotai (Fire Force) by the guy that made Soul Eater...
It looks really good, but I know I dropped the manga because I hated the pervy humor I hope I can keep watching this cuz the animation looks superb.

- Vinland Saga ---> really good first three episodes, Opening and Ending (anything Aimer sings, I love pahaah) super nice too! I think its by the studio that does Attack on Titan.

- Starmyu S3, Im just in too deep to stop now and its surprisingly fun to watch xD

- Kanata no Astra: ep 1 was 40 min long and it went by in a jiffy! Interesting premise about a group of students lost in space.

- Dr. Stone: another very popular manga adaptation looks really good too!

- Katsute Kami datta Kemono tachi e : looks interesting enough. Gave me berserker vibes. But i kinda hate berserk so yeah.. but this one looks good for now.

Very big name series this season I like it!
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Thanks for the info as always, Ploep!

I decided to check out Kanata no Astra. You were right about the interesting premise about a group of people being lost in Space. The 40 minutes was something interesting, introduce a cast of characters and went straight to the point. However, there was a lot of little things that keeping me from enjoying it to the fullest.

The tone of the show seems to be at odds with the premise. Normally, being 5000 light years away from home would seems like total hell. Not saying everyone has to be brooding or angst, but it's sort of strange that Aries Spring would be too "excited". Maybe because I don't thoroughly enjoyed air-headed characters being used in this manner.  

Kanata constantly thinking back to his camping trip and his teacher's death got incredibly dulled after the first 5 times. To the point that I was waiting for something to happen, anything, from looking for food to him taking the dump, him being in the slums, thinkng about how he had to held his stool for 5 days before dumping out at once for "survival". Constant backstories and flashbacks really lowered the value of this show for me.

Second episode is where I'm really considering dropping it. After witnessing the ball of sphere that seemingly teleported them to places again, Quitterie was pretty adamant about going home (or at least off this planet) and Kanata tried to calm them down (accompany with a flashback of why he did this, along with other characters stating the absolute obvious). She isn't shaken and told him that in order for Kanata to be the captain, he needs to go out there and do something about the ball or kill one of those alien dragons. He did the latter since the former means instant teleportation to another place/death. Zack, Quitterie's childhood friend, being stoic, calls her out for being too rash. Understandable. Until he starts dropping things like "oh yeah, how many friends did you lose that way? You didn't change much." Out of nowhere in the conversation; it just came off as unnatural. Then her little sister tried to comfort her, and she was all, [angry anime girl noises], you not even my real sister!!! [anime girl walked out noises].

Like, what?

There was this guy that seemingly does nothing but Sasuke-ed his emotions for two episodes straight, which seems a bit far-fetch to be. Not expecting an radical changes in personality, but I think people would be more willingly to wisen up given the severity of the situation they're in. And they have a bad habit of stating the damn obvious Wagh

I'm giving it one more episode before I decided to drop it or continued watching. Interesting premise, but feels too unfocused/comical for my taste.
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Valid points Shine. 
I just watched the second episode myself. I
think a lot of the series feels unnatural because of the pacing.

 I read that episode 2 covered like 5 chapters! That's a lot, but I guess they want to fit the whole story in 12 episodes so that's bound to happen.

The characters feel very two dimensional, but I found Quittories issue actually pretty interesting, too bad because of the pacing and solving in one episode it makes it feel very lame.
But other than that you shouldn't forget its a Shonen series, theyre not gonna totlly despair, thats not a Shonen Thing to do so obviously itll feel over the top a lot of times.

I'm watching it casually and though I do have some issues with it I dont feel like dropping it yet. Its basically a cliche shonen survival story with very conveniet type of characters stuck together. :B

Also, was I the only one who got totally caught off guard by Aries' laugh?? And no one even reacted to it so that made the whole thing even more hilarious. xD

And that being too " Shonen-y"   is also an issue I have with dr.Stone. 
Premise seems super interesting, but yet again the characters feel like stereotypes and I cant take them seriously. 

I dont get why its so popular. XD I'll still keep an eye on it, hopefully itll get better. Because its
not your typical shonen premise, but still shoneny I dont get what's supposed to be normal/acceptable and what isnt. And I hate having those type of issues in animes in general.
Like is an highschooler punching a whole lion normal here or not?? Also why can he do that?? So weird. XD
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I haven't realized that the demographic was targeting the youth (since it's a Shonen), so that makes sense. Still, I feel like with such a proper idea, it could be utilized a bit more. You are absolutely right about the pacing is pretty horrid. I'm planning on watching episode 3 and 4 tomorrow, so I'll update my opinion on it then.

Yeah! The laugh actually got a chuckle out of me, I ain't gonna lie... it just came out of nowhere. Good acting, I think.

I saw the first episode of the Fire Force (dub). It really has some good animation scenes. The concept is interesting, but it's still has the generic, "I'm going to be a hero because XYZ and blah blah blah dead XYZ" shtick. It is shonen, but shake up the formula a little! Hopefully things improved in future episodes. The dub itself... I wasn't too impressed. It wasn't bad, but nothing stood out for me.


Dr. Stone's animation be like:

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The only thing humans are equal in is death

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