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If Your OCs Had Voice Actors
This is going in the Plaza because I want it to be for anyone who has OCs, not just people who RP in Boogaverse~

It's what it says on the tin! Assign some voice actors (famous ones who do anime voiceovers or just actors whose voice you hear in your head when you think of your OC) and depending on how well we 'know' them, we might have to voice how crushed we are that they don't actually match our own voice headcanons... which is very common in RP. And in turn, we can probably tell you who we had voicing your character in our head.

If you can't think of some Big Names, I heard there is some kind of database that actors use to broadcast themselves for people seeking out certain types of voices. But I don't have the link, I think someone around here might... oh well, if you find one, just post it! lol


For my character Vala that I play in Boogaverse, I think she would have a younger-sounding voice provided by Genevieve O'Reilly who voices Moira from Overwatch. Unfortunately, Moira sounds like her age, so Vala would have to have the base voice pitched up a bit since she's much younger.

Excalik would be a super Texan version of Matthew Mercer, who is voicing McCree in this vid
If someone doesn't know an specific voice actor, google is your friend, use it.

Liza Storm from BoogaVerse should be voiced by Jennifer Hale. Hale captured the hot blooded and raspy, but an action-type of character, and Liza fits that like a glove. Hale had an absolute monster of a range, perhaps bigger than Tara Strong herself.

Carlos Alazraqui is my go-to voice actor for an OC I have for Good Days called Striker, an intense man who goes far and beyond for absolute perfection. If you are unaware of Alazraqui, he voices Mr. Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents.

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While Jennifer Hale is a wonderful choice for Liza, I am of the particular ONION that my brain prefers she be provided a voice by Aoi Yuki because I lowkey think Liza is a smartass brat, and Diane from NNT has that particular "bratty girl" grit in her voice that I like for her... but that is merely my galaxy brain ONION as a Aoi Yuki stan

Whitney's voice would probably best match Erica Lindbeck's voice she does for characters like Menat from Street Fighter... too lazy to fetch a vid, just look it up on yt lol
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This is my boi Sabian Avila. 

I definitely HC him being voiced by one of my favorite VAs. I can recognize his voice anywhere if he's in something I'm watching. It's my dream to one day meet Bryce Papenbrook.

Here's some of his voice work, if you aren't familiar with who he voices:
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I feel like Spike Speigel, or rather, Steve Blum is the best candidate for voice acting Kire Rebbel, my one true baby. His Spike voice is very close to what I imagine Kire sounding like, maybe a little more of an accent, but frankly, it's too perfect. I found a scene that is very close to a talk between Kire and another character. Kire is cocky and snarky, almost like a jerk! Yet, deep down inside, he's actually a good guy, forced to do bad things by the higher ups. I also really love the Japanese voice Actor for Spike, Kōichi Yamadera. He's amazing, his voice is so soothing...

Kire talking to Marie about his life. Kinda odd how close this is to the actual moment in the story, minus the jail scene.
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Okay so this just came to me now, but I suddenly thought of AJ Michalka being the voice claim for Panich and now I can't unhear it.
She's the voice actor for Catra in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

(Lil spoiler warning to whoever watches the show)


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