Advice on writing female characters?
This is more of a discussion thread, rather than general topics, so I’ll be posting a lot so I can ask questions for many writers here.

Firstly, I’m currently developing a story called Carnage Hero (as some of you are aware) as practice to build up my skills in writing. It sets currently set in a dark-fantasy genre with a bit of a comedic tone of the main hero. 

In the second chapter (before I released an updated version, I’m currently up to the fourth chapter), I introduce a female character named Lelio; a talkative hero who uses brass knuckles as her main weapon. She’s on the short side, 1.6m (5’4 ft), has black hair, and a medium build (she’s an adventurer, currently trying to join the journey with the Chosen one (not Carnage Hero) to defeat the Demon Lords.

And this thought came to me. How do I accurately write a female character? I don’t want to fall into the trap of writing her from the perspective from the guy, considering that I might as well make her a dude if that’s the case. What I mean is, men and women, similar in a lot of ways, also share a bit of differences. Furthermore, she won’t be the only female character that appears in the show with distinct traits. Lelio is a bit of a talker, (her name, while usually for males, means talkative), while the next few characters are prideful in their work, careful and empathic respectively.

So, in the end, what are some good advice on writing female characters and avoid the obvious pitfalls that often shows up whenever they appeared?
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