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Fall Anime 2019 Discussion
a bit late with this thread haha, but anyways,,,, which shows are you guys gonna keep up with this season?
Imo this season feels a bit weak if you get rid of sequels and already ongoing animes. But ill post my full thoughts later.
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Not interested in Food Wars after the manga took a nosedive in quality. Hard pass.

Hype for High Score Girl 2 and Pocket Monsters! 

No Guns Life looks interesting Thinking
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I watched most pf the series today to see which ones I’ll keep up with. Here’s my list:

Leftovers from previous season: 

Dr. Stone: this has actually really grown on me and I might read the manga once the season is finished! I love Senkus design and voice haha.

Enen no Shoubotai/Fire Force: its ok. I hate the fanservice with a passion, but my soul has already died to actually care about with some slight dislike, the story seems fine and tbh the OP and ED are the best thing about this series, and the action scenes haha. They went for a odd directing for a typical shonen series, the directing is kind of like those Shaft shows with the neck tilts xD.

Vinland Saga: Solid everything, it just doesn’t grab me personally. So I really think this is anvery good anime, just not on a personal level haha. (Both OPs and EDs are amazing!!)

Now to actually talk about the new animes lolol

Sword Art Online Alicization 2: first Alicization season was actually really good, im looking forward to this! Yes I’m not a SAO hater lol (i do have some issues with the writing tho) I even used to read the lightnovels, i just stopped at the Alicization arc so this is new stuff for me and I’m excited! Great visuals as usual.

Boku no Hero Academia S4: Heck yes.

Psycho Pass 3: didnt air yet, but ill sure as heck will be watching! Its gonna have 8 episodes, each an hour long.

(Kono oto tomare and Fairy Gone also have a sequel, but KoT i read the manga of so ill pass, and Fairy Gone I dropped so its another pass from me ( i had high hopes for a PA works :( )

New shows:
Beastars: imagine Zootopia but more serious and in CG. Ive only heard amazing stuff about the manga and the first ep grabbed me immediately so I have high hopes for this  one!

Ahiru no Sora: Basketball anime, but i think itll focus more on the characters than the sport, other than the occasional pervyness, this looks interesting!

Hoshiai no Sora: haha both sport animes have Sora in the title. But this is about soft tennis. Here the focus wont be on the sport either but the characters themselves. The end of the first episode totally piqued my interest hmmm

No Guns Life: Interesting. The art the studio uses is totally similar to Gangsta, makes me wonder if the artist is the same person..

Special 7: generic detective anime with other species added into it (there are loads of detective shows this season) ^ v

Kabukichou Sherlock: another detective anime, seems of better animation quality than the above one.

Shinchou Yuusha: TUEEE something, yea that overly cautious isekai anime: makes me laugh sometimes but idk if id actually recommend it lol.

Mugen no Juunin: Immortal/Immortal Blade: now this looks good, gives me samurai champloo ft. sword of a stranger + dororo vibes.

So yeah in the end i picked up a lot of shows again as usual, but im mostly still excited for the leftovers and new sequels + beastars
Well done if you read all this lol.
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Hmm, nothing really draws my eye this season, I've found myself getting into the leftovers of late winter/spring instead...

Aside from sequels/OVAs, I'm only drawn to Beastars, Iruma-kun (the one that lowkey looks like Deku in a blue wig) and that one movie or two that apparently only has a theatre release. I was really excited for Seven Deadly Sins S3 but a whole bunch of problems with production happened apparently- first we were going from A-1 Pictures to aniplex (which was ok), then aniplex backed out after the movie and now DEEN picked it up only months away from the release date! DEEN!?!?!?! Not many were impressed by their Junji Ito collection adaptation so I don't have high hopes for S3...

The premiere of SDS was getting reamed on anitwitter the other day-- they censored the blood by coloring it WHITE!!! Like.... what the hell!? Dark red/black makes more sense as a censor for blood but WHITE? And if it wasn't bad enough, they apparently were doing the classic black oval censor for any gore like they did while airing Tokyo Ghoul (But at least TG didn't use white for their blood :apathy: )

I'm an anime-only fan of SDS so I've no clue yet how well it will do as an adaptation, but I think I'll wait for it to arrive to the Netflix catalog in a few months. Hopefully the censorship is just for TV audiences in Japan and not done for all forms of the release.

Guess I'm going to dig into last season's catalogue instead since I don't feel paritcularly swayed by anything unfortunately.

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