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Devil's Dishonor (HIATUS)
NOTE (4/2/20): Devil's Dishonor is under indefinite hiatus. In coming months, expect new content to have replaced the older portions of the manuscript. The newest chapters likely will not be revised nearly as much, but earlier chapters are little more than revised scripts from many years ago and doesn't suit what I'm looking for anymore.
Old note: upon recent reflections, I have chosen to retitle my work under a new name and series identifier; rather than one painfully long thread full of chapters, I intend to split them into separate threads (or "books") that will clearly separate between major story arcs and serve as an easier Table of Contents than if I were to just leave it all in one thread. As for the title of the novella series as a whole, please refer to it as "Devil's Dishonor" from now on. 

Olivia Hawthorne is an average high school sophomore who lives in suburban Seattle. Her best friend, Damien Matthews, moves back to town after nearly a year and a half since he abruptly left. Nobody seems to know the definite answer to why, which makes Olivia assume the role of interloper in his mysterious double life. She manages to discover his web of secrets-- the threads of which come undone to a world she never imagined had existed. Her curiosity won't come without irreversible consequences.
Genre: Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Cast Away

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Chapter 2: Mercy(less)

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Chapter 3: Infortunatus
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Chapter 4: Misaligned Judgement
I'll be posting the Critique thread soon. Edited the last few paragraphs because I felt like it.
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Chapter 5: The Spark that Bled

I apologize for the long wait. But I wanted to make sure this chapter had some proper substance to it. Hopefully next chapter will be more exciting. But hey, we need to have a boring chapter every once in a while to give readers a break from the crazy stuff.

BTW, I put up the Review thread for Gossamer up a while ago, but I edited the title and the OP. So feel free to express your thoughts about this chapter if you have any you want to share with me. I'm open to answering any questions that aren't spoiler-category.
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Chapter 6: The Deeper You Delve

Whew lads! It's been a while. This chapter is 7,227 words long! The longest chapter yet! So long in fact, I had to split what I originally wanted to be as one chapter into two. Mostly because this was a dialogue and description-heavy chapter to help characterize Damien more (he needs some love from dear Creator), and I need to slow the pace down before anything major comes next. Just some happy kids doing happy things! I also wanted to stick in some neat lore so it doesn't seem like a dull chapter :-)

The next chapter should hopefully wrap up this part of the arc. The Zodiac scene will be expanded on at the beginning of the next chappie

As always, thank you for your patience. Maybe that's why I made it so long, haha!

Also, I proofread this as much as humanly possible, so hopefully there isn't any weird inconsistencies. Also also, site is being a jerk and won't correctly put the chapter into a spoiler
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