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Okay, so, I'm so happy with this I'm going to cry. 

Layer 1 of Makoto Niijima's face

I did three layers of pastels, then got out the paints. Here's how everything ended up

I finished up the wig cap, glued it to the head, and trimmed the yarn. 

Like I said. I'm honestly so happy with this that I'm going to cry. 

So, air dry clay wasn't working with the shoes I need to Makoto. So, Dollightful has used Walkercolour's doll shoe making technique before, so, I'm replicating myself. 

The shoe making tutorial is actually really simple. Paper mache. So, wrap the feet in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. When the paper mach is dry, the small gap that the wrap or foil leaves is enough to wiggle the shoe on in the future, so your shoe doesn't break. 

Next, simple paper mache. I actually forgot how much fun paper mache is, and am definitely going to do it again in the future. 

However. Just as I thought doll making couldn't get any weirder, it does. While the mache dries, hang it somewhere, and put a piece of paper underneath it so the 'glue' you made doesn't drip onto your floor. 

Out of context doll making is my favorite, because people who have no idea what you're doing walking into your work area, and seeing the weird positions doll bodies go into is always amusing

[Image: 8JBl5Hn.png]
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That Miku Doll looks amazing! Really loving how detail the explanation of the doll process. Makes it feel like I'm witnessing the live birth of a new life right before my eyes Lmao

Do you have a better picture of the doll in full view? Thinking

Can't wait to see the progression of this new doll!
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