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The Reality Vortex: New Roads
Cross thinks as he did not see Lady Lightstep's "I hope that I just missed the coin but for now I have a duty as there overlord to preform."
I will fine one later
Cuki stared at her apartment and noticed how clean it was before turning to Spina, watching him run off to his room. She still did not seem to understand his worry and why he was frantic about returning. She was careful in examining her apartment, trying to see if the Coin Hunter stole anything valuable aside from the Vortex Coins. As she looked around, she gasped when Spina crashed through the walls and landed next to them. She could not see the figure from the smoke but she knew there was someone there. Cuki rushed to Spina and tried to help him up before turning to face the Coin Hunter. She could not make out his body thanks to the smoke but she knew there was a figure there.

"Spina! What happened?!"
[Image: MbVtHfX.jpg]
"They Call Me the 'Vibe Checker', Sweetie..."
Brachi also teleported back in, wanting to know what was going on while also having secured her inner pockets to where only she could get by.

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