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What are your goals/resolutions?
A quick-reference guide that doesn’t go into specifics, but rather give us a board outlook of your goals in the future, This is attempted to build up some motivation to start or add onto your progress journal and your journey to strive to attain that goal. What plans do you have to the next year, 5 years or more? You can put anything that you considered as a goal. Whether or not is to improve your drawing, traveling the world or even get a job. Anything is valid—as long it is something that you wish to strive for, so give us all the goals you wish to accomplish in your life!
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Hopefully, to live with Shine and finally be independent. Maybe get some confidence on my way there. Overall, my ultimate goal this year is to be able to finally get a means of income so I can start being useful to my family. I want to be able to have the confidence to prove to myself that I can do this but I don't want to feel as if it was in vain. Another thing I aim to get this year is my certification for my Information Security major. Frankly put, I just want to get out of where I am and the more I stay, the more stressed I seem to become.
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