Z's Original Character Progression
The purpose of this journal is to plot down all my ideas for all my characters instead of leaving it in my art thread. It will help me organize my thoughts better as well as give me the liberty of talking about my characters without going on for hours to the poor soul who has to sit there and listen to me. This will also allow those interested to read about any character they want and how they changed over time as well as who they are as a person. I don't know exactly how I will organize this but I will try my best to keep it from being a clusterfuck. You guys are free to give me suggestions you think might best help me conjure up an idea and I will do the research on my own. Sometimes a push in the right direction goes a long way for me. Feel free to leave any comments about what you think and what ideas you liked/hated. Reader input is good too! 

This will be, in a sense, like writing a journal or a character sheet for whatever I have thought of for a character. An idea-dump thread. I have hundreds of ideas for all my characters and I often find myself conflicting with things I already established. Sometimes I don't like to let go of an idea because it sounds cool but has no other purpose outside of that and it leaves me in a stumble. I want to change that by getting out all my ideas in a single thread where they are all collected. That way I can always go back, reread some of my older ideas and decided whether they are worth keeping or not. Things might change drastically or maybe not at all. The point is that I want to narrow down and fully understand my characters as best I can before I even begin to write a story or add them to roleplays, etc. This can also be good for those interested in reading just about a character or to understand how I think things through. Some of you might even find what I like in a character or what I seek in one.

After a few things that happened, I tend to think all my characters suck and are worthless/godmodders/annoying/etc in any context they are put in. With that sort of idea, I wanted to throw myself out of that mindset, especially since I worked so hard for years with Kire and Evelyn. Maybe I'm just being a baby but I want to prove myself capable of holding my own and not get scared when I make a mistake. I'm just so used to being shamed and blamed for my mistakes by people I trust that I think all mistakes are bad. Luckily Shine is getting me out of that mindset, but even then, I still have a very hard time trusting people. Kinda reminds me of a certain... red haired... jerk... Huh.

Any who, before I derail the topic, I should explain a few things about this journal so people don't get confused when/if I change something in a character.

This is a guide for what I want in my characters. Don't expect everything in here to be set in absolute stone. There might be changes! All changes will be acknowledged by the following keys:
  • Bold = Main aspect/trait of character that will not change anytime soon. (It can still change, however.)
  • Italics = Indecisive or subject to change.
  • Underline = Ideology/Character theme
  • Strikethrough = Removed/omitted from character.
  • [Spoilers] = Major story related issue. Read at your own risk.
So far, these will be the keys I will use to mark my journal and help guide not just myself, but the reader in how I change, view, and scrap my ideas. Lastly, keep in mind that this journal is NOT talking about the plot of my stories, but rather, WHO my character is in that story. To give a better understanding and not further confusion, I will add a genre/theme to the story they are from so the readers can get a basic idea of what they can expect.

I hope you all enjoy!

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