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Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Switch]
After the bunny event is done and over with, I'm pretty sure I caught all the April fish and bugs. I'm just catching up on the game and trying to get K.K Slider into my village! I should gather a ton of materials in cause I need to make a ton of stuff. I'm just super eager about getting the Terraforming kit because my island landscape is a mess! xDD

I decided to use the whole Time Travel shenanigans now that I got the WHOLE information about it. I'll be moving at a much faster pace and hopefully, have my island open for you kiddos soon. It's in a terrible state and very... messy. How would I invite you guys anyway? By code or something? 

On the side, what kind of villagers do you guys have? I only have 7 villagers but I love all of them so far!


I think June is the cutest but I REALLY love Marshall since I had him on my game in New Leaf. We got some history together, so we're pals. Besides, I really like his design, I mean, LOOK AT HIM!

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I had to clean out my storage because i ran out of room (too many clothes and furniture hoarding). I've got all my stuff in a pile because I don't have literally ANY DIY or furniture that isn't a skinny table that I can arrange side by side. I think as long as the stuff you drop is on a table outside she won't count it as litter.

But I have piles of fossils and stuff everywhere. It's ugly and a mess but I'm focusing on making money to finance my home and the other upgrades. Flick was at my island yesterday so I went out on like 4 tours at night and for the islands to go farm bugs and sell to him for double the price. I decided to test the theory that you can spawn tarantulas yourself without trying to get the infinite tarantula island (which is really rare) and here's what I can gather:
  • End up on bamboo island or an island with no clifftops/long rivers. Ideally you want more land than water since giant water bugs spawn at a high rate in rivers at night and can't be scared away.
  • Cut down all the trees, dig up their stumps
  • Break all the rocks using the fruit buff
  • Pick all the flowers (digging them up isnt necessary)
  • Dump all the wood and stuff onto the beaches
I think rain might lower their chances of spawning, but it didn't really affect me that much. I still had tarantulas spawning one at a time and I left 2 coconut trees up so I could catch the Atlas Moth for a high payout. I wasn't bit often, but I noticed that they only run at you if you take the net out in front of them. If they're far away or their back is turned, you just get it out and sneak towards them. They hiss every step, but I waited until they go back to their normal pose and move some more. Doing this, they didn't jump and miss my net, which usually happens if I try to just charge at em.

Made lots of bells from it, and I adopted Pate! She's a cute ugly duckling. And I got Pecan to move from my campsite. Unfortunately though, I decided to let one of my villagers move out, so I have to wait a day for her plot to free up since I can go and hunt bugs again right now.

I'm having the most trouble catching the Char though :/ damn thing just won't spawn and I waste tons of fish bait.
Dodo codes are what I see people using for big groups but I've never used one
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I want to know your opinions on this video? Might want to put it at higher speed since it's pretty long. Thinking
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I need good prices for turnips cause ive got a decreasing week, anything over 100 is going to be fine now
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!!! New stuff being added on July 3rd!!!
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And another update happend! We got fireworks and dream islands now  Katcool
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